Hi there. As some put in, my name is
Lucius Embarrassing Murphy Duty Ho Zhi Jie,
subjected to further edits and modifications.

In short, you can call me Lucius or Zhi Jie depending
on how comfortable you feel when calling

19 going on 20.
2 Days after Labour Day is my mom’s real labour day.

Still in NS as of 040415, the birthday of the journey of this journal.
Green beret.

This webpage will be used as a platform for me to share my thoughts as a self-proclaimed avid offline blogger who succumbs readily to laziness and procrastination. Do tolerate any rantings on this virtual venting ground as much as I scrutinise the sensibility and sensitivity of any content found here. Writing is my next bestest of friends. Sharing is to my bestest of friends. Hope you’ll like my two cents worth of thoughts.