21 Going 22

by hozhijie


Gonna reflect my 21st year on Earth in a prayer.

Dear Lord,

Thank You for bringing me through the past year. While it wasn’t a smooth journey (since when it ever does?), I suppose valuable lessons are learnt and I’m still learning. Looking back, I regrettably admit that I have made mistakes after mistakes and not turning a new leaf after each trial. I guess the costs are paid and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s any future costs to be made. Yet among those grave decision I made, the gravest one would be to drift away from You. I know I need draw near but worldly distractions and temptations have been deterring me.

For this 22nd year, I pray for greater spiritual maturity to embrace my impending circumstances. I pray for a more meaningful lifestyle and sensible experience. Please grant me greater self-control and foresight to conquer what’s coming my way and let me once again be Your Light and testimony. Today, people recognise me by the M word but allow me to exemplify Jesus this time forth. I pray that all aspects of my life will be back on track and no longer I’ll be the sloth I am who procrastinates everything.



P.S. The day didn’t start with a good note but a quarrelsome one. Disappointment just reinforces disappointment. 0046