3rd set of results

by hozhijie

Just got back my 3rd mid term results for a year 2 module. Didn’t do better than expected and for the 3rd time, I’m below the median. Demoralised, I guess I have overestimated myself. Commitments are kicking in like never before too. Concert is coming in 2 weeks’ time and I’ve kinda underprepared. Passion seems to be diminishing. While I am glad those friends have bought the tickets to my concert took the initiative to do so, I am also somewhat disappointment at those who responded with a spectrum of excuses. This makes me realise it’s actually a phase to feel this way every time a concert is nearing lol. I start to think that this is actually an indication of genuine friendship although it doesn’t apply to everyone. But what’s for sure is those I’ve approached and invited personally are those I really hope I can garner support from.