by hozhijie

Just ended my Maths paper an  hour ago and I found out that I’ve made at least 3 mistakes upon 10 not long after. After many hours of dedication into completing the various past years papers, it seems like I am just back to being mediocre. Maybe I shouldn’t cry over spilled milk although I have this perpetual feeling to keep demoralising myself with unhealthy thoughts like I’m never good enough. I had another paper in the afternoon amid my severe lack of sleep. It was shaky and I wouldn’t want to think about it. The state of being disappointed hasn’t been this overwhelming for long. I just hope I can be more careful next time. And till now, the regret and guilt of spending too extravagantly on my game still linger on. How I hope time can rewind for me to not fall into that temptation. How I wish I can be less prone to tragedies in life.