MidTerms – Midway of Sem

by hozhijie

It’s dawn and more importantly, it’s the midpoint of Semester Two already. Remember the resolutions I have made earlier on? I guess it’s time to review them.

1. Quit gaming
– Okay this is actually the motivation that makes me blog now. At first, I really stuck to my promise as I indeed spent lesser and lesser time on gaming. I sold some of my equipment and got back a handsome sum of a grand. I found out how much carefree I could be when I am not bound to the game. Life began to spark new meanings and I was contented with my progress although some friends still doubt my determination to quit. Judging from what I just wrote, you would have guessed something unfortunate has happened and you’re right.

Today is the end of Recess Week and two nights ago, I decided to pop up in the game for some stress relief. I would do that occasionally. But this time, something sinister got hold of me and little did I know, I have thrown in the one plus grand that I had painstakingly retrieved. I am back to square one. When I woke up after sleeping with a flummoxed, remorseful mood, the guilt and regrets still lingered on – even till now. Temptations are so sneaky and scheming; I never knew I can be such vulnerable victim to be toyed with. Suddenly, a swarm of worries just overwhelmed me as I fret over my financial capability to endure the summer break with an impending overseas exchange that doesn’t come cheap too. If you’re reading this and had always hoped I leave the game, I’m sorry to disappoint. The most I can do is to assure you I will prioritise my commitments over this. I must not repeat the same mistake that toppled my previous sem.

2. Be early, not punctual
On a more positive note, I think I have become more time-conscious.

3. Sleep early
LOL it’s 7am now and I’m still wide awake. I slept at 10am last ‘night’ so you can say my body clock is tragically inverted. Please help.

4. Be less spendthrift
lol no.

5. Keep fit
Just took my IPPT on Thursday and guess what? I have gotten a pass with incentive! Given my already crippling fitness and lack of training, this is considered good for me. I thank God for giving me that fateful 13:30min on the dot to clinch that reward. I remember wanting to give up after the second round of run but I told myself to push on and keep jogging. In the last hundred meter, I looked at my watch and realised I had only thirty seconds to make the cut and whereupon, I garnered all my will to make that dash. The timing shown after crossing the gantry elicited the greatest sense of relief which I had long experienced. The run was indeed a challenge. I also thank my suite neighbour Gareth for encouraging me to train my push ups and sit ups with him from time to time. And also Shawn for accompanying me for IPPT and then dinner hehe. Too bad he was 4 seconds away from Silver lol.

6. Live the Godly life
Hmm while I have not attended any services since then, I have made it a point to attend the fellowship in my college every week. It’s been a very encouraging community. I really hope to do more.

7. Maintaining relationship
Made some good friends in my course in a short span of two semesters and I consider it a blessing. Recently, some exchanges of words kinda make me evaluate the kind of friends I need in my life. Maybe I shouldn’t bother with people who never want to bother me in the first place.

8. Others
Signed up for 3 OGL roles in the summer break and may be the house head for my faculty one. It’s gonna be nerve wrecking yet exciting. I hope I am not over-committing myself as I just wanna spend the break meaningful. I also signed up for this OCIP to Nepal and am chosen to be the head of the fundraising team. I never knew the preparation phase for this project is so taxing as we are expected to accomplish so much in a short span of three months. Halfway through the proposal vetting, some of us feel that perhaps postponing it to December may be a better idea. I’m not sure what’s with the rush but since the terms are already accepted, I should just fulfill my role diligently and take it as a form of challenge, reaping the fruit of labor when the actualisation comes.

My studies are considered on track but I need to buck up more. This sem, I took only 4 graded modules as compared to 6 intensive ones the last time. The difference in workload is obvious and I wonder how I managed to pull through the previous sem with such happy go lucky attitude. I really hope to do well this sem. I need that sense of urgency back.

It’s 713am and although I feel like writing more, I can feel the lethargy floating in. Till next time.