by hozhijie

Though late, I shall briefly post some of my resolutions for the new year:

1. Quit gaming
–  Have been progressing rather well as I seldom play it now. Not playing the game frequently makes me realise how time can better spent and optimised to do productive and meaningful work.

2. Be early, not punctual
– Being late seemed inherent in me and I felt guilty every time I kept someone waiting. I’m glad the frequency of me being late has lessened and I have gained an increasing sense of urgency

3. Sleep early
– Not achieved for the past 22 days as I’m still trying to calibrate my body clock to a more human condition. It’s 445pm now and that clocks 25 hours of sleeplessness. Blame it on that tempting dose of caffeine I had at 3am last night. I’m so glad I survived the day effortlessly.

4. Be less spendthrift
– This has always been something I need to work on as I tend to splurge all my money recklessly. I guess I have been pampering myself too much so much so that I neglect my long-term well-being. Recently, I bought a wireless earphone for forty bucks and immensely regret it as it doesn’t seem to look presentable. Paying two hundred bucks for my long due phone bills aches me. Given the financially precarious state of my family, I really gotta mind my spending habits wisely and not spend it unnecessarily but only on stuff that matter.

5. Keep fit
– So far, there has been no progress here as my erratic lifestyle has forbidden me from working out in a conducive manner. After getting my body clock fixed, it’s time for me to work towards a healthy lifestyle. I admit I have been damaging my body extensively with the diet and habits I exhibit. I should not take it for granted. IPPT is due in less than four months’ time which means I ought to start real soon.

6. Live the Godly life
– I believe my faith is instrumental in determining the lifestyle and attitude I have. By putting God first, I trust that I can embrace any challenges more sensibly and courageously instead of escaping from them by indulging in computer games. After all, I have seen His goodness over the years and I confess the past year of backsliding has not been comfortable. I pray that I can be blessed with the wisdom to run the race.

7. Maintaining relationship
– As a sensible young adult, I need to learn to respect my parents more and honor them in any way I can. While my mum always gets on my nerves with all that she does and says and it’s not hard to accommodate to that albeit living together for the past two decades, the very least I can start doing is to control my temper. Dad has been very hardworking as he works overnight to feed the household and I wouldn’t want to burden him more. My worst fear right now is to lose my scholarship which will incur further financial cost. That thus gives greater reason to why I have to start studying hard and not game anymore. Sis seems to have an idea of her desired career as a nurse. While my dad opposes to her, I support her ambition and am quietly delighted that she has matured (she has even worked part-time in a bakery last December holiday).

Some friends come and go but few stay for a lifetime. I am grateful that we have been maintaining contact and taking time to catch up despite our hectic schedules. University life has been falling in place in a social sense as lunch buddies turn up naturally every day. Lectures are made less dreadful with a constant company. Suite mates are amicable and great to hang out with. Relationship takes two hands to clap. While I am still not over some friendships that were forged in JC ended miserably with reasons unbeknownst to me, I am hopeful that the people I associate myself with may not just be seasonal friends.

One day I hope to chance upon this post and discover how much improvement have I made.