by hozhijie

The thought of all the deadlines and time constraint really irks me. My self-control is at a pit and I feel an overwhelming sense of hopelessness each day. Perhaps I’m merely reaping what I sow – by not focusing on what’s needed to be done and leave it to the eleventh hour. Whatever happened to my farsighted attitude and my relentless grit that once embodied me. I’m deeply disappointed in myself despite all the assurance I made here weeks ago. Weeks have passed and things seem to go downhill instead.

1 more day to a graded presentation that I barely start. 1 more week to meet a group proposal deadline which nobody seems to bother. 8 more days to my first Finals paper where I am 5 topics behind. 4 more modules to catch up from the start. As I typed this, I realised how wrecked the second half of my semester is. Can I still make the cut? I need to.