Majority wins

by hozhijie

a brief but heated exchange of words earlier on has much dampened my mood. it’s more than the ridicules and false accusations hurled onto me but how the situation once again proved that I’m always by myself in a conflict with nobody around to back my points up. It would be much heartening to have someone speaking up for me, especially in that scenario when the other party is too direct and extreme to be not wrong. While majority eventually agrees with me, it’s not shown openly like the support I need. This week is already bad enough as I barely breezed through my Finals. I really don’t need this unnecessary fight but it reminds me greatly about the reasons why I couldn’t wait to escape the presence of the crowd last time. And just because most people have the same opinion, it doesn’t mean that that’s the truth. Yet, I always find myself in the wrong that’s perceived by people.Β With this lingering melancholy, I wonder if the formerly much anticipated gathering tomorrow would be fond at all.