21st – the first good omen

by hozhijie

It’s 4am but I’m just gonna pen down a casual revelation I got while scrolling my feed these days. With the surge in photos of 21st birthday celebration, it came to me that such Β a liminal rite of passage is indeed telling of how much your relationship is worth to that person. Needless to say, you are considered to be more significant than those who are not even invited. It’s barely half a year and I guess I have sort of understood the need to accept such a fact that not everybody you meet is somebody worth the keep. Know the subtle difference between an acquaintance and a friend even if the former is someone you had seen almost daily if not weekly for years.

On the same track, I guess some people are also no longer relevant or deserving of any of my futile attention and effort to support the unstable bridge. It’s really draining of me to keep giving in and pushing on while the other party remains indifferent and aloof. Spare the names as the heart determines by itself. If you can’t even commit yourself to maintain the chemistry in a minimal manner during your most hectic days, question yourself if it’s still essential. Don’t keep everyone in a suspense selfishly. I’m almost out.