Testimany -Work

by hozhijie

Just wanna share how faithful God has been towards me these few days. I actually got myself a job at a F&B store in the CBD area selling blended juices and salad. It’s my second time working in this sector with Mcdonalds as my first experience since Secondary Three. The former experience was horrid and I swore to myself that I would not work in the same industry again. Little did I find myself landing in a same sector again and true enough, the same sentiment was rekindled – Β I shouldn’t be in this club.

For five days straight, I slept as late as 0200 and woke up as early as 0600. As soon as I checked in to work at 0700, errands unceasingly and endlessly came my way one after another. From cold-pressing three different bottles of flavors under the strict time constraint subtly imposed by my boss, to the slicing and chopping of various ingredients before topping up the shortage, and to getting mixed fruit juices right and ready before the customers’ patience ran up, I found myself preoccupied with chores incessantly with minimal break in between. I could barely use my phone even during the brief half-an-hour lunch break. I looked forward to every chair that offered its solace to my sore feet after work and my lethargy overwhelmed my concern for the stench reeked in me.

I haven’t been attuned to such a lifestyle. It’s taxing and really required a great load of patience and mental strength to pull through. Nonetheless, I would say that it was actually a really good experience albeit the transient stint there. It made me realise how bad my culinary skills was and how much I have to improve as a chef. It’s also an reinforcement to my belief that I was a clumsy worker – just the third day into work, I accidentally slid the fridge door towards my boss’ dad’s head that’s burrowing into the fridge on the other side. Plus, I actually dropped and broke the lid of the blender in an attempt to wash it. Other sins include how I was clueless and helpless when my boss asked me to help prepare some ingredients because of poor cooking skills. I really thank God that amid all the silly boo-boo committed, my bosses had been kind on me and didn’t reprimand me at all. While she could be really stern at times, I respect her for her calmness to coach me well.

At the end of the day, I ruminated at how was I able to pull through the verbally promised duration of three months when I almost suffocated in week one. Five days felt like five months there. I secretly hope time might teleport. To top it off, iBLOC has started and its workload is exceedingly higher than expected. I knew I couldn’t cope with both work and studies due to the clashing schedules. I pray that God will make a way for me to terminate such painfulΒ quandary.

On Friday, I was asked by a tuition center if I could take up its job as an admin staff with flexible working hours. I always wanted an admin job. At first I accepted it thinking that I could handle both work since one is in the morning and the other one is in the afternoon. I guess I overestimated myself even before trying out the new plan. I then garnered some courage to dial my boss and explained to him the main reason (studies) why I couldn’t commit. To my relief and surprise, he didn’t tell me off and was actually quite mature about it, exclaiming that that was not hard labor and he had no reason to be furious. I admitted how I felt bad for breaking the appliance and wasted their time teaching me fruitlessly. The agreement was amicable and I successfully left the job. I really thank God for such a sweet escape because I expected a harsher one stained with outrage and blatant unhappiness. I feel like He really intervened in this matter. It’s probably the last time I will go back to the same sector again.

Work at the tuition place was a totally different environment with a whole new culture and expectation. I am blessed with a friendly boss who really betters my welfare too. She is open to comments and is indeed an outgoing person to work with. Just day one into work on Saturday, I daringly asked if the pay rate can be slightly higher due to various prevailing reasons. To my delight, she actually acceded to my request and raised my pay by another grade, further claiming that future raises can be expected based on performance. She even offered to treat me lunch that day and I politely declined hahah. Work has been more sedentary and I am always surrounded with swarms of papers waiting to be tidied up. Yesterday was my third day of work there. Just when my boss’ husband was trying to help me create a payroll account, he asked my boss for my rates. Surprised, I didn’t expect her to raise my pay once again. I am really grateful for such an opportunity apart for the breads she gave me too. I look forward to contributing positively to the center. Thank God for such an open door. Oh ya, my working place is also quite near the Salvation Army and I attended the prayer meeting held there after work last night. How apt.

These two weeks of work really make me understand how hard is it for one to earn money. I really regretted spending all my NS allowance on materialistic gaming items and not setting aside some for my future uses. Penniless me gotta borrow from the trusted ones and that really keeps me going to get some income to return them asap. I am also quite concerned about my studies as aforementioned, it’s more difficult and tedious than I thought. Programming isn’t a language for me to clasp instantly. Time is limited and I need to buck up soon. While it’s disappointing how I couldn’t even solve a giveaway assignment nights ago that rendered me an average grade, I thank God for such a wake up call to face the reality. This programme may be arduous in various manners, such as to embrace the competitiveness I can already see online and the strictness of my professor that sometimes reciprocates sarcasm, it’s a step in the right direction to accustom myself to the university culture so that I won’t get a big culture shock coming August. May God grant me the wisdom, discipline and passion to endure this.

Time is running. I should start running my fats away too.