by hozhijie

BP: December W III
141215; 2026; LAST BOOK IN
on the way to camp for the last time now after staying at home for the past 4 days. Time seems to fly though. Met up with some people over the break and some interaction was better off without.   

Last Thursday was also the last day I’ll be seeing my platoon for the final time before their block leave. Just as I was ready to book out, they actually cornered me to a bed with the door locked. Little did I know that camo was all over my body. And I just bathed. It’s okay. Eventually, everybody got their share. Actually, I was able to book out at noon already as I had an unexpected MC from my dermatologist in the morning. I’m not sure what compelled me to stay through the day with them. Perhaps the sentimental feel did. Despite all the unhappiness caused in the past, I would definitely miss all the times spent together. Thanks for the memories.

Friday dinner was not a really decent one as someone whom I do not wish to meet for now turned up unexpectedly. Didn’t speak a word throughout the session. Departure was met with further disappointment as he did the exact thing that made me not interact with him. Why post things online to humiliate your friend? I doubt that would solve anything. Thanks to the one who tried to organise the meet up although the outcome backfired.

Did some admin work for my uni on Saturday. The night was spent with some of my JC friends as we celebrated Fungling’s birthday too. It’s an extravagant evening accompanied by intermittent awkwardness. Still, the drinking session at Chupitos lightened the mood and made things more enjoyable. It’s been a long while since I last drank. My tolerance was still as bad. Met up with Guihong at Jasmine’s house thereafter. Limin pangseh but we still had a great day over some catch up. Reached home around 0200.
Sunday practice was getting better as I got more competent in playing. Nonetheless, there are still many rooms for improvement. I start to appreciate the pieces even more and that made things more enjoyable too. After practice, the band had our BBQ there. The drizzle didn’t dampen the mood. Got my gift from the secret Santa gift exchange and it’s actually a fisheye lens attacher. I doubt ill use it though hahah. Spent the last hour of the day settling my ORD work online. Managed to complete it without an hour. It’s been a lovely night. 
Slept late…woke up for late lunch with Xuanle like finally. Everytime want to meet also cannot coz it’s either he already had dinner cooked at home or missed the meeting time coz overslept. We had my favourite bachormee there followed by the bingsu nearby. The legendary bingsu everyone talked about was really very sensational but it’s worth the try la. Short but decent catch up before his flight to Taiwan tomorrow.

Reached home at around 1500. Took a catnap till 1800…and packed my stuff before meeting Yukeling to collect my printed documents. It sucks not to have a printer at home. Chatted for awhile on the train before she alighted. Prata soon?

I’m not sure what to expect this week. It seems ominous in a way. I wonder if the PCs would bother about me as I’ll be the only one left in my company while the rest are on their leave. May God give me the wisdom and joy to embrace this finale.

2051 (that’s early..)