Sweet and sour

by hozhijie

BP: December Week II

091215; 2042; 

Booking in now almost a week of respite once again?! It seems as though I’m enjoying my pseudo ORD lol. This break was a heart breaking one though. My health has been deteriorating and for a few days I could barely talk properly. Some exciting stuff would include the Adventure Cove outing with my unit whereupon some of us stayed and indulged ourselves in the water for three hours. Really enjoyed myself with the platoon mates who stayed behind. I’m heartened that some misunderstandings have been resolved too without anyone speaking a word. After the event, I brought Pandiyan to the third night of the annual Edge Conference. The inner jokes made between us somewhat made the night more interesting. While he may not consider it to be a thrilling experience, I’m happy that he accepted my invitation. It’s been ages since I invited anyone to church. Btw, Day 1 of night rally was really powerful.
Today, before making a visit to the national skin centre to help Nigel collect his medication, my upper right tooth actually chipped off while I had my lunch at Bonchon. At first I thought it was just a rebellious piece of meat stuck between the teeth. Fruitless attempts to locate the meat enlightened me that my poor tooth has actually been broken into two pieces. I was rather aghast and angry with the situation and really suspected if the dentist who operated on it for my root canal surgery two weeks back at MMI really did a thorough job. Ever since the operation, I have been in an ailing state till now. Can it possibly be a cause for the illness? Who knows that harmful bacteria can seep into the gaps to cripple my health. I’m actually already annoyed that that dentist actually multitasked on errands that made him seem quite unprofessional while performing the surgery on me. He actually paused for a good few minutes to chit chat with his old friend who passed by the room. To top it off, I’m not sure if he was really focussed during the procedure as he constantly chatted with his NSF assistant. What made him even more intolerant is was how he threatened me in the midst of the operation as I gestured some discomfort midway through. Is it a matter worth escalating?

A third of December is ending and that signposts the imminent release of my internship interview results. It can be updated anytime soon. Every morning I woke up anticipating the email in my mailbox and the day has yet to come. Last night I dreamt that I was accepted merely due to my good academic results and they expected me to sign on lol. I know deep down that the acceptance is more than my results itself given the highly competitive interview session. I pray that I can be accepted nonetheless by faith.

Admittedly, I feel like I’m still alive but barely breathing in financial sense lol. My bank account has less digits than my remaining working days. Work that out yourself if you want. If you’re lazy, just know that it’s a tragic amount lol. I do have some savings at home but it’s really for emergency use. To be honest, it’s the last hundred my late grandma gave me for my Taiwan trip earlier this year. It’s too sentimental for me to use. Payday is coming in one day’s time and it’s also not gonna be in full amount lol. I need to be more thrifty or more hardworking la.

I’m reaching JE now. Tomorrow is probably the last day I’ll be seeing everyone in my platoon and company. Sweet and sour as it is, I’ll cherish every moment. And now, may I embrace my second last book in.