Troughs and Crests

by hozhijie

BP: December Week I

011215; 2028; CityHall MRT; troughs and crests

On the train to book in now after six days of break. I didn’t realise how long have I not gone into camp until I type this lol. A respite is supposed to grant me some relaxation but my health has taken a toll on me with a persistent cough that lasts for eight long days already. I’m not sure what triggers such a calamity and I haven experienced anything like that before. It deprived me of the energy and motivation to do most things, including playing my addictive games. I really pray it can recover soon or now.

The highlights of these two weeks include solemnly dropping by a wake of my former JC friend who has passed me. This unfortunate news came suddenly and it’s really despondent to see such him departing so soon. Whilst we were not really close, the random interactions and communications with him really reminded me of the meaning of humility. It’s heartening to see his dad attending to the people there warmly despite his son’s demise. He proudly shares about his son’s grit and determination as he struggled to fight against the illness. He stoically proclaimed that Pinchun has been a fighter and all of us upon hearing the testimony, unanimously agreed that he himself was and is one too as we left the place with deep thoughts.

Another event worth sharing would be my interview for the MOE Teaching Internship Programme that I’ve signed up for. This was not like any other interview I’ve been to as it’s a group interview lol. On the fateful Friday itself, after grabbing lunch at Plaza Sing and agreeing that I had no appetite for McDonald’s new truffles fries, I made my way to the Ministry’s building. My arrival there was greeted with multitude of people of my age (although I’m 20 and they were like 18 yo A Level graduates) patiently or perhaps nervously waiting for further instructions after the registration gave us our table number. By 1400, someone gestured us to take the lift up to the 24th storey. Little did I know that the table was already ready for my presence with a formal principal as our interviewer and a HR personnel whom basically typed most of what we said in the session.

I would say that whilst I kinda screwed up at some parts, I didn’t do very badly either. It, in fact, was actually a pretty good experience as to how a group interview feels like and what can be expected out of it. You must not expect that opportunity is always waiting for you and the vice versa ought to be true. With that, you seize it ASAP to prevent any major setbacks. I really hope I can be accepted notwithstanding the evidently intense level of competition. The results will be released by mid December as told. I thank God that I could still pull through the interview decently although I’m plagued with coughs and discomfort. Everything is in His hand.

Attended Terence’s concert with the NCOers at VCH after the interview. I couldn’t believe we actually walked 3KM in order to dine in some fancy hipster stall lol. It’s enjoyable though. The rest of days were spent loafing on my bed and staring at my laptop screen doing literally nothing productive. Besides the band practice on Sunday, and the birthday celebration dinner for Yaohui, nothing much has been done meaningfully. I really wish to patronise Platypus for its dinner set as the one we tried for his birthday was quite impressive. Exorbitant though! It’s mom’s birthday on Sunday too and my dad cooked some pretty delicious dishes at home. I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh that she actually slipped off the floor while mopping the floor too lol.

I shall say that these upcoming 2 weeks are expected to be rather lackadaisical in camp as I will only spend one day each week and I’m also having medical appointments on the days I’m back lol, eg tomorrow. Btw I hope I got the dates right as the department didn’t send me a text to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. Is it better to be left alone unperturbed or be accompanied but at times disturbed?

kinda disappointed at how strained the issue is now. 4 years
2106; JE MRT


a deceiving shot at the airport last monday as i welcomed and escorted some people to camp for a course


Mr Lucius’ OOTD for the interview. I know I look kinda fat dont need to remind me


happy birthday Yaohui! And when u see it~