Home alone 

by hozhijie

BP: November Week III

161115; 2202; Raffles Place station; home alone

Spent the past four days of break mostly at home with my lappy. Not a very productive one I shall admit. It’s probably only made more eventful with the midnight surprise for Xinhui on Saturday and an impromptu dinner with Sekkun after booking out on Thursday evening.

It’s great how some people whom don’t know each other know each other for the same clause. Happy that the surprise was a success albeit some subtle gestures signifying a different inverted commas league lol. Her desired pizza party then turned to a prata party as we had our supper at a prata shop nearby her house. It’s about 0200 when I cabbed home. Happy 20th birthday!

Didn’t go for service. Didn’t go for practice. SundY was a humdrum as well. Monday noon started with a lunch with Melwin at Bugis before making our way to the club premise where his belongings cunningly got stolen. This incident whilst it’s not related to me kinda affected me yesterday amid the prevailing news of people getting slaughtered as a result of some terrorist acts. Is it really hard to seek harmony and understanding than to polarise society and divide norms? As Nate Ruess puts in, what is this world coming to?

I was actually anxious at some moments when I wondered if I’m gonna to receive my group interview date for the teaching internship I signed up for. The fretting was due to my past record of breaking a bond before with the SPF, ascribing to my rash impulse. I thank God that I actually got the email informing me of my interview time slot on the 27th. God has everything in hand.

This week may seem short but its apex commences tomorrow with range and then my final guard duty on Wednesday before an career prep talk on Thursday. I pray that I’ll be rejuvenated to embrace them all.