by hozhijie

BP: November Week I
021115; 2200; Bugis; emb-race

It’s Monday night and I’m booking in now. Was supposed to do so last night but I got myself a MC instead.

There were irritants not just in my eyes and my mouth but also my heart. I can’t express how indignant and upset I was for the past few days. Life presented me with a light years of hurdles and I barely crossed one. It seems like I’m walking away from the starting line – if there is one in the first place. It seems like I’m approaching the finishing line but many a times I feel like I have barely started. I feel like I have lost many mental races although I have always completed them. It’s like a relay match where baton of problems is passed down one after another and I’m the only person in the team in an endless race. Right now, I just wanna leave this round peacefully, free of any unnecessary trouble. Yet it perturbs me how trials always come like a chain.

I wonder if there are any (bad) news awaiting for me as I step foot into my unsafe haven.

2214; tiong bahru