one little pig

by hozhijie

291015; 2216; one little pig

Once upon a time, there lived a pig who under the threatening presence of a fearsome wolf built a house as a safe haven. Given the limitations of its habitat he had no choice but to use only straw as its main constructing material. He could only crossed its fingers and hoped that the wolf would not be so cunning to destroy it. However, the scheming wolf was underestimated – within a whiff which then ensued a breeze, there came the collapse of the house and the poor little pig.

While I didn’t expect myself to be last minute unneeded to stay out for 4 days this week, I actually went out of camp four times already, including my book out day tomorrow. It wasn’t like that in the past but recently I felt so compelled to leave this place with every opportunity available. It just hit me everyday how are there so many bad news awaiting me to embrace them. Some vibes just can’t be put out with easily too. I don’t think it’s a side effect of not getting enough sleep these days. I feel like I’m living in a court room receiving a new sentence every single day. You would never know what will happen next. You just gotta mentally prepare yourself that this place is a birthplace of surprises which you wish you would never have. It’s 50 days away yet unlike many others, I still haven’t found my ord mood at all. The week passed so slowly and my heart is dying by the seconds. Trust is rusting like never before too. It’s so hard to be my normal self here. I feel so restrained and scrutinised every moment. Perhaps that’s the reason why I behave so differently in camp. Every day is a fresh day to a new revelation that I shouldn’t be here too. It’s really draining. I’m really tired.

My guitar string broke during my personal QT just now before I left home. Is that a sign or just another reason that doesn’t worth my sigh? Lord, in Whom I can trust?

2238; JE MRT