Distinct instinct

by hozhijie

261015; 2356; Distinct Instinct 

Typing this on my bunk bed now…it’s only the first day of the week and I’m already bombarded with numerous bad news.it started coming in last night when I booked in.

I received the news that I’m not going for the 3 day stay out course anymore as my military best before date is approaching. It totally ruined my mood as I expected this week to be eventful and at least exciting as I finally got the opportunity to experience training outside this stinky place. I get to go home everyday too for three days. To add on, I was also informed that I’m not going for the anniversary gathering on Friday anymore. Instead, I was made to carry out some chores for a ceremony then. How lovely and timely were the news right?
Monday kicked off with less than 2 hour of sleep and it wasn’t even proper many thanks to my messed up body clock. I was pretty irritated with the sudden assignations of tasks which were loaded onto the few of us. From area cleaning to sorting out of our training equipment, many hours were probably inefficiently devoured by these. That’s a small matter. I was resting halfway and then received a call that my spectacle claim couldn’t get through the system as I missed the deadline which was apparently not apparent at all. The clerks caused some delays at times during the processing and some compromises just couldn’t be made. Such inflexibility. That’s forty dollars gone for good. Speaking about money, I also accidentally got some cash transferred to an overseas account which was a spillover effect from my purchase of stuff last weekend. The remittance can only be submitted during the weekdays and apparently my inability to administratively diagnose the problem led to this. After much efforts, I got the seller to transfer me back the money which apparently has been dampened due to exchange rates.
It’s also disappointing not getting any response from a group I thought fun can be generated out of it. My wisdom tooth coupled with my ulcer was a burden. Lunch order was wrong too and the tehbeng tasted horribly. It also upsets me how some are so exclusive in planning an overseas trip.
The day passed like a snail. My ominous instinct was right to the very right apparently. Can’t it end already?