Splurge surged urges 

by hozhijie

September W IV

290915; 2147; splurge surged urges 

On the way to book in now after such a relatively long break as I took off on Monday and Tuesday. 

Guard duty last Thursday was monotonous yet laborious as I spent at least eight hours standing around the same confined area as I did sentry in a four-hour shift. It took a toll on me as my back ached terribly by the last two shifts. Still, I’m glad to finally endure it and book out as early as 9AM.

Had breakfast or should I say lunch with Jianting at JEM. Bought myself a new delicate box of Royce chocolate as I’ve finished the other one not long ago. It’s almost noon when I returned home. Catnapped till late evening and I finally caught up with my sleep.
Saturday was mundane as I basically spent the entire day staring at my computer amid a headache. Had my affair done on Sunday afternoon before heading to the evening service. Surprisingly, I wasn’t very late for it. It ended around 8PM. Took the church bus back to Aljunied and met up with Guihong and Limin for dinner at a random stall in Geylang. Visited Jasmine and Alvin joined us soon after. Online maple to utilise the ongoing event fully before joining them for a game of poker. Though I only played for barely thirty minutes, it’s really fun lol. Jasmine then drove us to Kallang where we had prata for our supper. It’s kinda a treacherous ride as she needed some guidance from Alvin hahahah. Glad that the trips were safe though!

It’s already 3AM when I went home. Couldn’t sleep well. Had lunch downstairs. Stared at my com. Requested for another day off on Tuesday. Got it. Stared at my com. Couldn’t sleep well. Had late lunch downstairs. Stared at my com. Finally paused at late evening. Downloaded some videos whose process was frustrating. Did QT. Got informed of a eleventh hour duty that’s on a Friday. Left the house for Bugis. Sad to see Bonchon closed as it’s undergoing a renovation. Had an impromptu decision to try the TPC pizza shop that’s just beside. Takeaway a seemingly massive portion of pizza topped up with a box of six drumsticks. Instant remorse. Got McDonald’s for Mingquan. Taking the train now. Just remember that I forgot to help someone ask about my neighbour’s availability. Currently really famished. I hope the $20 dinner is not a regret.

So that’s how I spent my two days of off away. Such a plodding routine right. Actually something eerie happened last night as my mum made me a bowl of Maggie noodle. She left it on the dining table for me when it’s cooked. Just as I went to collect it, I noticed strands of hair sitting on the tender yellow noodle. Upon closer examination, to my aghast, there’s actually a fingernail too. I was troubled by such uncommon sight. To say that those specimen belonged to my sister who just had her dinner at the same dining table is just totally absurd. To claim that the hair miraculously flew down from my neighbours’ unit on top is ridiculous too. I had no explanation for the fingernail as it cannot even get blown away in the air easily. I trust that mum wouldn’t poison me. Even if she had the intention, who would lay the unwanted ingredients openly in the dish. Perhaps the hair might be fallen off the towel I carried on me after bathing and the nail get scratched away too. But they didn’t seem like anyone else’s one too. Creepy and eerie are the adjectives I’ll use to describe this entire incident. I ruminated about the possibility of getting cursed la as a ritual to curse someone usually involves the same two substances… I prayed and there’s peace upon me.

This week seems short and lull to me. But anything can happen. I hope to garner enough discipline and energy to exercise. I feel very unhealthy for the past months and even got myself pregnant with a tummy. I’m addicted to food or perhaps relatively good food that comes with a hefty price tag which devours my bank account mercilessly. Also, I unknowingly spent quite a sum of money MSEA just to have a more pleasant gaming session. This must stop.

 Time to alight soon.