by hozhijie

BP: September W III
210915; 2151

Waiting for the train to book now after having my Monday off. Deep down, I feel kinda heavy and reluctant return to camp once again for reasons I’ve yet to confirm.
Perhaps I didn’t leave house in a good tone as I yelled at my sister for not doing her revision consistently while her exams is approaching. Maybe I could have honoured my mum even more by displaying greater patience. Or I probably just don’t wish to embrace the really demanding training tomorrow which lasts the entire day. I really can’t wait for this week to end already lol.

The weekend was productive in its own ways. It’s sabbath week so there’s no NET and Edge service. I missed Sunday once again due to my improper time management.. I think that my new laptop really dampened my discipline drastically as I would stare at it till dawn approaches. That’s what happened on Saturday morning. I slept for barely 4 hours before getting my affairs done. If not for my lunch that my dad bought, I would have been late. Went home about 1600 and left again to meet someone who’s keen to have my old pair of jeans. I’m pretty elated to have it sold as I didn’t have the plan to wear it anymore.. It’s aged too…like half a decade? I met him at Paya Lebar and I stupidly tapped out, in and out there wasting seventy cents unnecessarily in the process. I then walked around the mall there and found myself spending quite some time to decide on what to eat. I then settled on Junshin Express as I’ve never tried its sushi before. Lo and behold, I probably had the worst sushi experience ever. It’s bad to many levels.

Went home and then met Yaohui downstairs to visit the bicycle shop there. The flexi available wasn’t very appealing so we decided to wait longer for a better design before he purchases one lol. I thought we were gonna have dinner at the nearby coffee shop but he suggested that we head to town instead. I recommended Strictly Pancakes and finally had my Garlic Prawn pancakes craving satisfied. He wasn’t really impressed with what he ordered though lol. While making the payment, we were told to upload a photo of us with the backdrop available outside the shop to get 10% off. Without hesitation, we got it done and I hastily uploaded to my obsolete account that I haven’t touched for weeks. Gallivanted the malls before heading home.

I was actually very sleepy when I went home. But I’m not sure how my laptop allured me to play my games till late 0300…and that explains my absence from service. Woke up at late noon and got my affair done. Hunted for stuff thereafter with someone. Dinner. Impromptu movie session with Amelia, watching 3688. The cast actually had their engagement session earlier on in the evening. The movie was sensational at times but its effect weren’t spectacular always. Still, a big takeaway for me is that we should always cherish the loved ones around us and be there for each other no matter how much sacrifice is needed.

Finally caught up with my sleep with my Monday off. Woke up at noon and visited the stall Yukeling recommended at our neighbourhood hawker centre. The dry banmian was better than what I expected and I wouldn’t mind going back again for more. Other menus seemed great too. For the rest of the afternoon, I tidied up my room (although there are more things to organise), packed my book in stuff, downloaded some videos, did QT and then played my games till 2130 before leaving my doorstep.

The weekdays were pretty exciting due to the nights out. Tuesday one was horrifying as I met my CSM on the train and it’s getting late. Thank God I’m unscathed. On Thursday I bowled with Trevor at the kranji NS club. Complimentary games hahah. He drove me back camp thereafter. Enjoyed the week.
I pray that I’ll be empowered to overcome this short yet arduous week. Tuesday has training. Thursday has guard duty. May God grant me the ability to conquer what’s ahead!