Old’s gone New’s come

by hozhijie

BP: September W II060915; 2255

Such a late book in tonight as I’m currently still on the train. Kinda screwed up the weekend although I had sufficient rest to compensate for the heavy sleep deprivation I suffered on the arduous weekdays.

Book out was super early on Friday at noon. Had lunch with Jon at the food court before setting off to Paya Lebar to retrieve my lost camp pass from the police logistics branch there. Bought myself KOI while walking there in ten minutes. I’m so glad that someone actually found and returned my camp pass which prevents me from incurring a fine of fifty dollars which can cost me some good meals.. Most importantly, it’s an important lesson learnt to better take care my belongings. Thank God for answered prayers and everyone who offered their prayers too. May God bless the finder!

While waiting for my bus at the bus stop nearby, I was contemplating if I should visit the IT Fair or just head back home. Eventually, I alighted from the bus I took and then switched to another one to head to Suntec directly. Before arriving at the convention hall, I circumvented the malls in search for Gong Cha for Limin who’s working there. Upon meeting her at the Dell booth, she recommended me this mundane looking red and black laptop. After some consideration, I decided to take it since its specs-to-price ratio was worthwhile. Thereafter I found myself walking around the spacious halls to get for myself a wireless keyboard and a antivirus software. Meanwhile, I met Sherilyn who’s working at Starhub, Constant who’s visiting his booth as a manager and Mr Samuel who tapped me from the back to surprise me. There’s also someone who tried to start a conversation with me when he saw my vocation that’s printed on the back of my shirt.

It’s almost 1700 when I left the place weighed down with heavy bags of hardwares. My plan to flag a cab failed due to the long queue so I took the train home. It’s already 1730 when I’m home. I quickly washed up and got changed before leaving the house to catch a bus to Nee Soon Camp for a concert put up by the SAF band. I boarded the bus at 1750 and the estimated 50-minute ride then annoyingly became a 90-minute one.

I was late to meet Jireh & Yihui but thank God I managed catch the last few shuttle buses to reach the place that’s quite a distance from the gate. It’s a pity that I missed the first three songs which included my most anticipated one – Memories of Friendship. Met some familiar faces there in the crowd and also on the stage. There’s a short refreshment during the intermission whereupon the second segment commenced shortly. The concert ended by 1800. Took some photos with Zihao (the one who invited me), Shenhao and Simon (the ones I dk were also performing). While I didn’t attend the concert fully, it’s worth the visit to witness a great band playing with such balance and proficiency.

We then took a cab to J8 where I had my dinner at McDonald’s while did some chit chatting with them. Thanks for not making me feel like a lightbulb! Hahah. It’s already 2300 when I reached home. Set up my laptop till as late as 0400 before turning in. It felt good not waking up in the morning as plans were cancelled due to my camp duty which forced me to stay at home the entire day. Missed service too. Basically I just stayed at home the entire day staring at my com.

The more I used my laptop, the more disappointed I got. I’m despondent at how it can’t even support a simple game like Maplestory well with intermittent freezes and lags. There are so many problems that I lost count of. It probably didn’t satisfy me up to expectation but I think it’s fine to serve me well till at least Year 2 in 3 years’ time.

Missed service. Afternoon lesson cancelled at the last minute by the other party. More rest. Lunch sucked. Stuck to com till evening. Packed my stuff. QT. Downloaded videos. Left the house as late as 2230.

I hope my bad habit of being addicted to the screen does not resurface again. I honestly need to plan my time better ley. I also hope that someday I can identify the issues that this laptop is having and rectify it asap. I guess I should be contented with what I currently have instead of regretting over it

This coming week is pretty manageable on first look as there’s no important training going on. I’m just disturbed by how my unit blatantly planned a super low key cohesion activity on the morning of Polling Day. It might have been organised long ago before the announcement of the public holiday but can’t things be more flexible?

This week hasn’t been really friendly in terms of training. Raven was really taxing and I still can’t believe how I pulled through the entire night till next day morning bashing through the jungles with minimum rest. At times it felt like a payback to compensate for whatever shortfall we compromised during the course. Sometimes I thought that the hq just wanna punish us for whatsoever reasons or to show us how the real traditional standard should be like. There’s this particular instance when everyone was really struggling to complete the final 500m stretch of forest heavily plagued with thorns and obstructions. I’m really reaching my limits and my encik’s affirmation then pushed me on: the pain can’t kill you; nothing can stop you. Ultimately, the entire episode may be extremely draining but it’s all part of effective training to upgrade our competency. That day, my long gone sense of pride returned and overshadowed the fading sense of anguish. It’s not just about the three Ps of Perseverance, Patience & Precision. Now, I am taught about being the Master of MNC – marksmanship, navigation and camouflaging. When there’s no pain, there’s no gain indeed.