by hozhijie

 BP: August Week V
300815; 2211: August

I really enjoyed this weekend although some things could be done to make it even more meaningful. 
fter booking out in the late afternoon on Friday, I went back to Daiwen’s optical shop at Haji Lane to collect my new pair of specs which was finally done. I had Wingzone for dinner before visiting her. It’s about 1800 when I’m there. Tried putting on the specs and I guess I just need more time to adjust to it lol. I’m not used to how I look ley. Chit chatted for awhile and then spent some time trying to get a perfect shot through the lens of a pair of glasses done artistically but to no avail lol. I hope it will last for at least uni starts next year?!

Headed to NET straight after that. The session that night only three of us lol. Ended shortly at 2100 and was kinda disappointed Ryan didn’t treat me KOI as claimed on his Twitter as though it’s for us 😦 bought myself a KOI and popiah on the way home. I realised how I always get so hungry easily even after having a sumptuous meal. Maybe because my fats need it.

Slept as late as 2AM. Disappointed at how Hoopa and the Clash of Ages is still not released yet. By this time, many of its preceding movies were already out la. Good things are worth waiting for yeah?

Woke up at 830AM and received a message from my student that she wanna postpone our meet up and I gladly obliged to it because I COULD FINALLY CATCH UP WITH MY SLEEP. I slept for a total of almost 12 hours after not getting a rest more than 8 hours for the past two weeks? I’m pretty amazed at how I pulled through it. Met ML in the afternoon and then headed to service.

Sat with Emptie and Baggie that night and I’m kinda dismayed at how people just conveniently put aside others as they feel like it. Service ended at 2000 and I met up with Melwin at TM for dinner as an impromptu plan. Had Sushi Express and then Each A Cup before sending him off at the bus stop to book in for his guard duty.

It’s about 2230 when I arrived home. Rested for awhile and then got changed to meet Yaohui for our second week of run at the Sports Hub. Ran almost 3KM under 13 minutes and I almost dieded la. Did some static exercises and then caught Hitman spontaneously. I’m not sure if I truly enjoyed the movie as there are some parts that I found really absurd and can be better improvised. It ended at 0130 and we walked home subsequently within 20 minutes. Not sure if the facilities are indeed near or far from our homes. Great night.
Couldn’t manage to sleep until nearly 0400…as a result I missed service once more. Bad move. Could have planned my time more effectively indeed. Yes Qianhui, I will make a conscious effort to sleep early 😦 woke up at late noon and met ML after having my lunch downstairs. Headed to Bugis to takeaway my favourite Bonchon chicken wings and Blackball milk tea with its juicy mini balls. Walked around the malls afterwards and got myself a new tampered glass protector to replace the former one which was finally broken after almost a year. Just in case if I’ve not mentioned, the previous one was cracked together with my phone getting miraculously bent on its right side on Thursday after my VOC test (finally I’ve cleared this burden). Really amusing yet disturbing at the same time.

Got myself a maroon long sleeves probably out of impulse at CO before heading home at 1900. Had my dinner while watching Batman Begins but stopped it halfway due to time constraint. Packed my stuff, downloaded some videos and did my QT before leaving home as late as 2200. Currently I’m 7 stops away from booking in.

This coming week is the second week of my training with the ICTs. It’s gonna be a laborious week of day and night navigation which is also intermittently merged with some other exercises. May God grant me the strength, faith and joy to embrace the week.

Lastly, as August is coming to a close in a period of mere two days, I would say that I’m glad to really finish it although not breeze through it. It’s emotionally and mentally draining many a times. Combat fitness is also taking a toll on me as it’s becoming increasingly frequent. Some achievements probably include securing the second year SMBT marksmanship, clearing the nettlesome VOC and its endless numbers of trials, maintaining my tutelage for one month despite the really crammed and hectic schedule, serving my ministry in the Sound for my second time, and catching up with some old friends like Kenneth. Setbacks are plenty too. I really hope to put Precision, Perseverance and Patience into better use.