Hectic (

by hozhijie

 BP: Week IV

230815; 2202

On the train now to book in. The weekend has been relatively more productive as it’s packed with a continuos flow of events.

After handing over my duty on Friday late morning – a time that was way beyond the standard time as the next duty personnel Kenneth had his infantry march last night and only came back at dawn – I rested in bunk for awhile and then only left camp at about 1400. I was ravenous and was thinking of a place to dine in. I thought of exploring places for Korean chicken wings, a craving I have been indulging in recently. I then decided to headed to Bugis and had my lunch at Wingzone. The restaurant’s ambience was great and the fact that they offer a myriad of wing flavours to choose from is indeed a huge nod to a revisitation. After buying my favourite Blackball milk tea with its tender mini balls, I made my way to Haji Lane for the first time ever. It’s rumoured to be a paradise for hipsters. I guess I’m just not mainstream enough and it’s good.

There, I explored the shops and the only one that really appealed to me was the shop that sells military gears and stickers. Some of the equipment there were kinda fascinating. Actually the reason for why I decided to explore the street was because I wanted to wait for the stranger to leave Daiwen’s optical shop before visiting her. The guy in black didn’t seem to leave the chair meant for the eye test even after half an hour. I then had no choice and just went ahead entering the shop. Lo and behold, the guy whom I thought to be a stranger turned out to be Gabriel. It’s a relieving revelation, making a casual mini gathering of the secondary school mates. Did some chit chatting while choosing a pair of specs that really made me eyeing for it. Eventually, I decided to purchase the half frame specs which have grown increasingly in trends. It’s a new arrival and apparently the last pair was taken by me lol.

The frame seemed rather fragile and the warranty period is merely three short months. I guess I didn’t turn it down for the following reasons: ONE, it’s meant for my ORD so the level of strenuous physical activity would inevitably be lower, which means there’s a lesser likelihood of me damaging it. TWO, it suits me…for now. THREE, there’s a special promotion given to me. FOUR, i need to claim the $40 from mindef and the most appropriate time is now. FIVE, to support Daiwen although she has no commission lolol.

I hope I’ve made a good purchase and may it last long enough for the price to be worth it. I have been changing at least one pair of specs per year. And my degree has been fluctuating. This time, it has increased?! Gonna wait one week for it to be done.

Left the place with Gabriel at about 1830 and we took the same bus home. Short but nice catch up. Left home at 2000 for NET and it’s always great to spend my Friday nights laughing away while learning about God with my shitty net members. Managed to reach KLP at 2200 with Carefree my fixie in case I haven introduced his name here lol. Had three matches with him and it’s no surprise that my score went downhill with each round. It’s already midnight when we reached Kallang. Bought home some prata for my dinner..

Woke up in the early morning and lasted till 1630. I hope it’s worth it. Made my way to Edge at Tampines afterwards. Dinner with the region at Aljunied after service and then went home to wash up before meeting Yaohui for a run at 2200. Ran a total of 6 rounds around the perimeter of the Sportshub? It’s an enjoyable 6km followed by a few sets of static exercises which seriously needed some ramp up lol. We then met Alson at our neighbourhood coffee shop for supper. Initially I wanted to order my crab but I found it crappy that the price there wasn’t according to mass but quantity. It’s too exorbitant to be worth it since I only wanted to satisfy my crabving only. One day soon I will fulfil it. We then had salted egg chicken and dry horfun while catching up.

Walked YH to somewhere near his home then before heading home. Reached home at 0045 and then rolled on my bed till a good 0200. Woke up for Sunday service at 0900. Almost succumbed to my sleepiness. The service today was held at Jackson Square, a new location for my church services within the vicinity of the national semiconductor factory?! I was late for service and felt that I could have paid more attention to listen to His word. Giving, praying and going – the three key takeaways for the day. Had lunch with my old net after service and it’s never a dull time with them.

Exercise. Only managed to return home at 1730. Lazed and lazed on my bed. Packed my stuff. Felt like the entire evening was wasted away. Left home at 2100 and had my dinner at Genki as a form of incentive for pulling through the draining week. Bought blackball milk tea and now I’m one stop away from YT.

In sum, I honestly didn’t have enough rest at all this entire week. Sometimes it’s not within my will to catch up with my sleep. Activities just came bombarding one after another. Yet I thank God that I have overcome the odds. What’s more challenging now would be these upcoming weeks where the level and frequency of training is intensively heightened. I’ll be attached to the incoming ICT seniors for their training, which means an reenactment of some high keys that I did last year during pro term. I feel that God has been reminding me of the word Surrender and I hope I can really actualise the powerful significance behind the word.