by hozhijie

BP: August W III
160815; 2154; 4th

Otw to camp now. The weekend was under-utilised I feel. Missed NET rally after booking out on Friday. Slept pretty late at night and only woke up in the afternoon. Had lunch downstairs and then headed to Tampines for my ministry duty. It’s the second time that I was doing it. I never liked reporting hours early before the service starts but I remind myself that it’s all necessary part of service, and the joy of serving must prevail above all concerns. I thank God for the ability to joy wholeheartedly and joyfully even though I am still new to many things. There are still many rooms for improvement but I am keen to learn. It’s also pretty cool to wear the comms set as it made me look like I was someone important when I in actuality couldn’t do much to contribute lolol.

Sermon that night was not an ordinary one as there was a power outage in the midst of the altar call. Still, despite the technical setback, the crowd continued to indulge in the atmosphere of worship preceding the restoration of the lights and sounds which only came ten minutes after. The sight was fascinating.

Dismissed from duty and followed the region to Aljunied McDonald’s for dinner thereafter. Met a new friend who is new to the church too. He seems to be a pretty charismatic and outgoing person who is also a promising young businessman lol. Some waves of admiration just hit me at times and I wonder if I would ever attain his level of confidence one day.

Left the place about 2130 for home. Lazed on bed and then did some final revision before turning in as late as 0500 as I procrastinated my sleep by playing my phone. As a result…I missed Sunday service. I know it’s spiritually derogatory that I allowed this to happen yet again. Gonna set my priorities right man. Had the lunch my dad bought for me in the morning at home before leaving for Exercise Patience. Lol.

Went Bugis after that to get my dinner. Was intending to have my Bonchon chicken again for dinner but I decided to look it up the net for Korean chicken wings there. Managed to locate Chicken Up and then bought myself two servings of wings? I didn’t know that the 6 wings include the drumsticks. Bought KOI then and made an impromptu decision to buy a box of Mochi nearby too. It’s about 1800 already when I returned home. Had my dinner while attempting to watch Batman Returns but it didn’t go smoothly as there wasn’t enough time. Packed my stuff and had QT before leaving for my uncle’s house to use his oven to unfreeze the frozen ice cream Mochi. It’s disappointing that I actually need to unfreeze it as I thought it’s ready made. Little did I find out that I just have to let it warm up in room temperature for awhile. It didn’t taste very delicious but it’s worth the try. It’s also annoying to find out how my house oven is already infested with cockroaches la because of my irresponsible mom who does not tidy up her room at all for years. I can’t describe my resentment here.

I’m 4 stops away from my destination. This upcoming week is guaranteed to be an uber hectic week as it kicks off with two consecutive days of shoots which last till late night. It’s then followed by VOC on Wednesday, and my COS duty is on Thursday. I may or may not need to take part in the infantry march on Friday midnight too. May the Lord grant me the strength, faith and joy to see it through.

Today is also the 4th month since the demise of my beloved grandma. I have been containing my sorrow by not thinking deep into the matter. I pray that you will rest in peace.

It’s my desire to honour You in everything that I do.