Happy SG50

by hozhijie

These four days of break were like a furious rollercoaster ride to me as I’m bombarded with many hectic affairs. I’m so glad to have pulled through it although I sacrificed much of my rest for my mini adventure (MA, the name I shall call it). Still, time could be better managed. The actual NDP day could be more happening too. I somehow felt manipulated and disappointed at some point. Yet the steamboat with the church mates at night was splendid. Melwin left for Taiwan on Saturday and the three of us met up on Friday evening for a standard movie date followed by a ramen dinner at Orchard central. Met up with Luke for lunch and bowling on Sunday also.

My lack of sleep for the past week had been so terrible that I had to compensate for it by taking afternoon catnaps for the past 3 days. Loving the unlimited data usage too by M1 and how I hope it can continue forever. Things at home are getting better too. Thank God.

This week’s certainly not gonna be fun…but fulfilling as I conquered the various challenges. Thank You Lord for the great Jubilee weekend. May You grant me the strength and joy to endure the journey ahead.
Photos are in google drive. Will try to include the link if I can remember lol.