Hi(gh) August

by hozhijie

BP: August Week I
020815; 2195

I can’t describe how rapid this weekend passed. I almost couldn’t catch my breath. It’s probably due to the late book out on Friday night as we had our Hari Raya celebration which lasted for more than two hours? Despite the delay, I guess I enjoyed it as there were many moments of genuine laughters which really helped me relax a little.

After booking out, I headed straight to Joanne’s house for NET. Moments before arriving at her doorstep, I actually rang the wrong door and got lambasted for pushing the door open unbeknownst to me that I got it wrong lol. NET was great as usual. Finally got to meet everyone after two weeks of not being able to make it due to army. It’s about 2200 when I reached home. I was so lethargic then that I slept pretty early at…0100.
My plan to wake up in the early morning to do some work failed as my tiredness took over. I slept till noon and got myself ready to meet the rest at Aljunied MRT for the shuttle bus ride to Palawan Beach where Beach Party was exclusively held. Frankly speaking, I almost wrote Beach Out as though it’s Zouk Out lol. We reached the bus at 1430 and I started to join my youth camp group IMBA for the Captain Ball competition we signed up for. The matches lasted till 1600 and we won out three out of the four rounds. Really had fun although we didn’t make it to the finals as we didn’t win everything. It’s also nostalgic how we were the first team to gather at the stage to perform our cheer once again and then won ourselves ice cream hahah.

Service commenced at 1730 in the sandy open space. It’s fascinating how Worship was actually held in the public like this, followed by the other elements of a normal service. God is indeed omnipresent as we can worship Him everywhere. Everything by 1900 and we left the place soon after that.

A group of us who travelled back to Aljunied by the shuttle bus then had our dinner at the nearby prata shop. Great time spent eating and laughing away. Reached home by 2200 and did some maths recap before turning in at about…0300.

I’m proud that I managed to wake up for service today although I’m late for it. It’s a mere one hour of being present in God’s house this morning but I have gained tremendously. The sharing on the newsletter talked about having a Spirit of Thanksgiving and it really relates to me a lot. I’m caught off guard by a sentence which goes “unthankful people tend to be more negative on their outlook of life…Instead of remembering the goodness of God, they find it easy to complain about the little things in life” – probably a lifestyle I have clinched tightly to as I embrace struggles daily. Reading doesn’t change anything but actualising it does. It’s gonna take time and I’m hopeful that I can do it – first by thanking Him in all circumstances.

The sermon was about the Touch Of God and it spoke to me on how many a times we tend to neglect the needs of the people when they are not aligned to the norms of the society. It may often be hidden in the eyes of the people and others are indifferent to it as it’s not a trend to approach it. We are called to show compassion and care to these things and also be attached to them until Life has been brought to them. Definitely an apt message to me.

Lunch with the region after service at the nearby coffee shop was awesome with the Thai delicacy stall. Its pineapple fried rice was delicious and I wouldn’t mind coming back for more of their menus. I left early to attend to some matters and reached home only at 1700? Rolled around my bed using my phone before packing my stuff then leaving the house at 2100.

Currently I’m queuing for my dinner at Yew Tew McDonald’s. It’s 2200. Tomorrow is a really tedious day with the VOC lesson going on…the thought of it always sends thrills down my spine as I really abhor it. May God grant me the strength and joy to overcome it!

I also can’t wait for the inaugural of the special NET that Raymond is organising. It’s gonna change the gameplay.