Sleepless to sleep less

by hozhijie

Didn’t rest well last night. It’s 4:49AM then and I was awakened by a double tap on my right thigh. It was an abrupt awakening to see that no one was in my room apart from myself. For some strange reasons, fear didn’t not creep in immediately. It’s a gradual climb as I became more and more paranoid about the apparent paranormal activity lol. I remembered vividly that I was dreaming about my grandma and the part before I woke up was about a session where a group of family members shared about her.

Whatever the disturbance was, I wouldn’t deny that it’s surreal. And it’s probably not the first time I was awakened by the feeling of touch. The last time was how I felt scratching on the back of my neck. Scientifically speaking, it may be due to the accumulation of stress in me. But the supernatural realm is real.
I then said a little prayer that He will watch over me and slowly delved into slumber once more.