Murphy Lost

by hozhijie

Spent the entire day wondering if my submission got handpicked by the organisation for the contest where 5 pairs of NDP preview tickets can be won by the most creative posts. The deadline was yesterday and a little browsing last night saw an influx of submissions streaming into the three social media platforms. It’s somewhat discouraging to find out how one or two posts kinda infringed my original creativity. I shall not deny that the posts are indeed innovative and appealing but it actually makes me feel disturbed how the competition tension was heightened due to the sudden appearances of those posts. Still, nobody can control everyone’s virtual freedom online. As much as I admire the posts, some form of indignation hit me for explicit reasons.

Today was supoosingly the day the organisation notify the five winners about their win. It’s nearing midnight right now and I still haven’t received any news. Admittedly, I spent the entire day checking my phone in hope to get the good news. Yet there’s no response and the websites seemingly remain intact with no further notices of any wins. Searching through the top posts of the contest gave me no signs of any victory too. I guess I shall concede defeat and accept the fact that it may be a kismet that I will never get to see the parade live ever since primary five ever again, not even its preview. Maybe what bothers me as well is how my effort in coming out with the post is not entirely recognised too. God has a better plan ya?