Long week daze, short week ends

by hozhijie

 BP: Week IV
260515; 2223
On the way to camp now. This weekend was pretty short. After doing my Friday duty, I booked out from camp at 0830 on Saturday morning, heading for some affair till late afternoon. Missed service as it’s too rushed to rush there when I went home.

Left home in the evening for the Sports Hub after borrowing a pair of running socks from Alson (which didn’t do much help). Ran three rounds around the three-colours tracks around the stadium, trying out each colour for each round. Interestingly enough, online research told me that the blue inner track is 888 metres long. Did some static exercises and then cycled for at least 7 rounds? There, I went to look for Sekkun too who happened to be nearby as he just ended his mobile column presentation for NDP. Chatted for awhile till his break was over. Rode a few more rounds before looking for dad in his workplace nearby. It’s an impromptu decision. He then paid for the frog porridge I was craving for. Brought to uncle’s house and shared with sis and the rest. Not really sensational though.
My pair of Nike running shoes was not a disappointment. It’s really worth the price and buy. I really like how I am more and more inclined to buying stuff that look more than their original price. Ranging from my fixie bike, to my old guitar and to my shoes, it’s nice knowing that the the price to aesthetic quality is great hahah. I would probably make it a habit to exercise more often when I’m free for at least once a week? My pastimes of riding the bicycle is ignited every time I take on the mechanical beast.

Slept late and missed Sunday service again…sorry for the disappointment lol. What happened to the aforementioned self-control and discipline…? This issue is really easier said than done.

Signed up for my Popular membership too merely because it’s claimed to be “free” as I got back whatever I paid for in terms of vouchers. The drawback is probably how I can only use them in different periods. Let’s hope I don’t miss its fair in September and also remember to purchase something in the month of October
Not an easy week ahead. Saturday is gonna interesting.

Getting experience is not the best and right excuse to do things that