Dear 4 Days

by hozhijie

190715; 2205

Currently booking in now after my dinner at Bugis. It’s a pity how I couldn’t satisfy my craving for Korean chicken wings as I came too late. That aside, these 4 days of break have been more eventful and productive than I thought.

After booking out on Thursday, I met up with Stanley and Auyong for dinner near my place. Initially I planned that we were going to have frog porridge but eventually we had dimsum at 126 as they didn’t like frogs lol. We then walked to KLP and joined the queue of five for bowling. While waiting, we traipsed around the place and then sat by the serene river chitchatting away. AY left early at 2030 for his stuff and the two of us then went to bowl for three rounds. My performance deteriorated with every round. Still, it has been an awesome meet up with these two peeps whom I’ve met in a ramp-up house a year ago!

I then met Yukeling to borrow her GC before returning home to burn midnight oil to prepare myself for my first ever tuition ever the next day. The revision reminded me of how I used to study over the night too. Woke up in the late noon on Friday. Washed up and took a bus to NEX to get tickets for Antman in advance. “Coincidentally” enough, Alika & Melwin were there too shopping for their baking ingredient kept secret from me just because I couldn’t free up the entire afternoon due to the tuition despite having a common agreement before I accepted the task. After accompanying them for awhile to get the final materials, I had my lunch at Ajisen. My food came late and I had to take a cab to the tutee’s house. Arrived late. The 1.5h passed fast. But also awkwardly. It’s quite embarrassing for me to actually explain a concept erroneously as it’s been long since I touched the topics.

I left the place late at around 1730, feeling somewhat dismayed and disappointed at my performance. I didn’t only feel that I let the student down but myself as well. Earlier on today, I received a text from the agent that the lessons have been terminated. I wasn’t shocked upon receiving the news as this anticipation was burgeoned almost immediately after the session. In fact, I’m not sure why I felt a wave of relief, seemingly assuring me that the cancellation is a blessing in disguise instead. It’s my first attempt but also my first failure. I hope this setback will not deter me from pursuing excellence in this field of work. Experience brings about improvement.

After the session, I headed to Alika’s house where we played the xbox, had the brownies they made in the afternoon and did a little chitchat with his sister whom we finally got to know better. The brownies were unexpectedly delicious and I wouldn’t deny that it’s the best I’ve tried without being biased. We left the place by 2000 and Alika drove us to NEX. Bought chicken cutlet for my dinner there and reclaimed our popcorn combo before entering the theatre. The two-hour long Marvel movie was comical at times but rather lame too. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at some parts. I really liked the creative voice over scenes too. However, the post credit scenes were disappointing like as though it’s lackadaisical and it’s only there for the sake of being there.

I couldn’t make up my mind whether to join the mini class outing at Regan’s house or to head home. By the time I had a decision, it’s too late and I had to take last train home from Tampines, making a detour to head home. I guess my decision was right after all since it granted me more time to revise for my second tuition assignment the next day. I turned in as late as 0400 and woke up as early as 1000 to meet Luke at Dhoby Ghaut for a catch up. We headed to Strictly Pancakes for our breakfast (or my lunch) and it’s disappointing to find out that my favourite Garlic Prawn Pancakes was only available after noon. It’s been a really great talk over brunch though.

We departed there at 1230 and I headed to my tutee’s house thereafter. Guilty to say this, but I’m late again. My remorse deepened after an inviting welcome in spite of my lateness. The two-hour session had been really awesome. It went better than I thought. Life is great when the student is really receptive and outgoing. The fact that she was my junior makes things even simpler. I hope she can really improve under my tutelage.

I left the place half an hour later than the stipulated place at 1530. Headed home to place my stuff and then took the church bus to Tampines for Edge service. The combined service was awesome. I’m heartened that my response to the altar call was not in vain. Somehow I felt a spiritual shift in me. Terms like faith, rise up and surrendering keep resonating in me thereafter. No longer I’ll be <paralysed in the battlefield> but may I have a breakthrough in control, comparison and c…(I forgot the last c). 

Had dinner with a few of my region mates at Paya Lebar Square after service. The laksa I ordered at the food court was a disappointment as my special order didn’t go as told. I then went Joel’s house to collect his bike, riding it back to Kallang for Amelia as apparently he’s handing it to her. Fancy how things go and come around: the bike was his 21st birthday present and it’s contributed by the few of us. I bought it from a Kallang shop and now it’s returned to its home after almost 4 years. But there were so many technical setbacks that occurred after the bike was embraced by Amelia such that at least 6 people were affected by it, including my dad, mainly because the lock we bought for her couldn’t work.

After riding back to Kallang and locking up the bike, the Healthy Kallang Meal Peeps met up at 2300 (by right it’s 2200 but Amelia was late again). Plan to eat prata failed as it’s closed for Hari Raya. Plan to have 126 was foiled as the queue killed us. We then had beancurd nearby. Thanks for the treat Amelia. Sent Yukeling home afterwards and after Alson left, I went back home to lend Amelia my front and rear lights. She then encountered a difficulty in unlocking the lock after locking in on the bike. So apparently, the internal mechanism has been damaged and there’s no way to remove it apart from cutting the chain away. That led her to give up her plan on cycling at night alone but I don’t think it’s by luck la lol. After cycling a few round on the deserted road, she left the bike at my house to retrieve in the afternoon.

I guess I’ve made the right choice to postpone my maths tuition to the following week as there’s simply not enough time to prepare myself readily enough. Only managed to reach home at 0200. Slept at about 0400? Despite Qianhui’s call in the morning to wake me up for service, I’ve missed it again as I needed more rest. Seriously need more evaluation in this aspect. Discipline rules.

Actually after the call, I couldn’t sleep well at all. Maybe it’s the consequence. “Woke up” at 1400 and had lunch downstairs while Amelia accompanied me. Disappointed at the stall for giving me wrong order and rejected an order I made before last time. We then went to look for the shop owner to ask for a refund as the lock she sold us was not workable. She was really reluctant in giving the refund and only compromised on an exchange, provided that we could get the trapped lock out in any means. Only after my dad stepped in, she agreed to let us have the new lock while we promised to return the old one ASAP. I then stayed behind at the coffee shop with my dad until he finished his meal. It’s about 1700 when I returned home with a sudden urge to cycle. Did some stuff and procrastinated a bit before leaving the house for KM/KLP. Visited some sports shops there in look for a new pair of running shoes. Eventually I got them at KLP instead. Temptation was irresistible at times… I actually bought two pairs of Nike running shoes. My plan to return home at 1930 was pushed back to 2000. Did QT, packed my stuff and downloaded some videos before leaving home at 2120.

All in all, I really enjoyed these four days despite some setbacks. It’s hilarious how I was so disappointed with many food stalls. This coming week is sure to be draining with the commencement of my dreaded VOC and also an overnight duty on Friday till Saturday. God will pull me through.
2320, waking in camp