Insult, In Sull

by hozhijie

160715; 1256
Why are the odds always not in my favour? How many times must I be humiliated before it’s really enough? I can’t describe how indignant I currently am. It’s not the first time and I doubt it will be the last as well. Just as I couldn’t hurry to get out of this hell, hell pursued after me. Misery and I seem to share an indispensable affinity. It’s a maze of distress I’ll never escape. I don’t think it’s the problem of others already; it’s also an inherent issue with me. We will never get to reach a common understanding and thus the vicious cycle sustains. Even if the other party understands, they don’t actualise. It may be fun to you but please spare a thought for those who are sensitive to whatever remarks you’ve made. You may think you’re sensible enough to discern between the rights and the wrongs and to assert your apparently cogent rationales across every debates. But without empathy, you are nothing but a monotonous machine that only hurts and hurls. Who should I really become.