A Bowl Of Despondency

by hozhijie

BP: July W II
140715; 2304
Today was an exhausting day. I didn’t get to sleep well last night and started the day with less than 4 hours of sleep. As usual, I took over duty sustaining a groggy state of mind throughout the day. SSM began his nitpicking in the morning and my phone and some army magazines I subscribed pulled me through the loathsome 11 hours of sedentary work.

It’s only until evening then I returned to my bunk. I left the place about 1830 and met Trevor at the gate as he fetched me there to the Chevrons. We had Han’s for dinner and then proceeded with our bowling matches. It’s the second time we played with each other. This time round, we played a total of 6 rounds each in a bowling alley that was suddenly painted with disco lights and uv lighting the moment we commenced our games. While I was rather disappointed with my performance today – remaining as substandard as I first started playing – it’s an enjoyable catch up session with him since he’s ORD. Perhaps I should have resisted the urge to bowl more with a false hope in me that I might finally conquer the lane. The games took a toll on my wallet and I wouldn’t feel this indignant if I have had done better.

T then drove me back to camp. It’s about 2200 by the time he dropped me there. Initial plan to have games tomorrow was last minute substituted by a session of cohesion with the HQ. That means I will have less rest and more stress. Lol it’s a night or rather day of disappointment. Why am I so bad at so many things. Maybe it’s in the blood that I lack talent.