Mirificus 2015

by hozhijie

BP: Mirificus 15
130715; 2015
11th July 2015, Saturday, was a rather happening day. It started with me firing my 50mm rifle in the morning. After getting permission from my superiors there, I left BMR and took a bus from the nearby main road there. Coincidentally, I met my BMT platoon mate who just booked out from his camp there. Did some catching up throughout the entire 1.5h ride.

Reached home about 1230 and quickly washed up and packed up before having a quick lunch downstairs. My plan to grab a cab to rush to the sound check rehearsal failed terribly as all the taxis were engaged. I managed to arrive at SOTA about 1430 and join the band then for a final sound check. We took a break at 1630 and by 1830, we were all ready on stage for our big show.

Everything ended about 2130. It’s nice seeing many familiar faces here, ranging from my secondary school juniors, teachers, conductors, sister and my church mates – Qianhui and Ivan. Heartened for the latter two who came despite the uncertainty on whether I’m definitely playing. Thanks for the flower too even though I didn’t really hint about it hahah. We then had our dinner at the Mos Burger nearby. Managed to reach home by midnight.

All in all, I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to finally perform on stage once again after graduating from JC, amid my busyness due to NS. There were so many uncertainties leading up to the big day as I could not confirm my participation only until the actual day because the green light was in the hand of my superior. I’m elated to be able to play for a crowd even in my NS. Thank you Novowinds for the open door and support!

On hindsight, I feel that I could have done a lot more for this concert despite the many hiccups. Personally I think that whilst I did my best on stage, I could be more dedicated in the process of preparation. The rooms for improvement were plenty yet I didn’t manage to overcome them fully. Some waves of remorse bombarded unto me intermittently during the performance as I occasionally tumbled. No doubt it in one way or another will affect the holistic performance of the band. Towards the end of the preparation phase, I’ve inadvertently caused some inconvenience for someone due to my incompetency and almost bleak circumstances. I’m sorry for that and thank you for your benevolent acceptance. It’s a personal setback I must learn to conquer. Over-reliance was a fiend.

I’m also deeply indebted to God whom has paved the way for me to experience the limelight despite my unfaithfulness. I have not been attending Sunday services frequently over the past few months, to be frank. At times, I had gone for the band practices in the afternoon although I’ve missed the service in the morning. What made it worse was how both events were held in the same place – TPY. I often feel guilty thinking of this incorrigible act of mine. Blame it on my lack of discipline leading to my bad habit of over sleeping. Spirit is willing but the body is weak indeed.

I pray that I may be given the self-control and faith to start attending classes and services more regularly. Not just for the sake of attending. Gonna grow in the Word and not the World. Pray for me too won’t you?

Anyway, for the remaining weekend, I met up with Shane, Zhian & Fungling in the mid-afternoon for a sushi indulgence at Genki followed by dessert at Ah Chew. We then walked Shane to Suntec City as he’s meeting his friends there for dinner. There, we visited the Fountain of Wealth as an impromptu trip. It’s my first time visiting the gargantuan structure and it’s magical. It’s been a great evening.

I took off today and wasted half of the day sleeping away till 1400. I was actually intending to visit my childhood hawker for lunch but I skipped the idea as it’s too late and there’s lunch at home. Spent the entire day then lingering on my bed. Did some tidying up on my clothes too. I also finally updated my iPhone to the latest iOS and Apple Music is really awesome. I wonder how many songs have I downloaded.

This week is a rather short week as it’s a 3-day work week. I am replacing someone for his duty tomorrow though. It’s like the calm before a storm as next week onwards is gonna be so so hectic and draining.