Keep Mum about Mum

by hozhijie

When I was about to shut my eyes and call it a day, I received a text from my mom to call her. It’s about past midnight and I wondered if there’s anything so serious that she would expect me to contact her. I kept my fingers crossed in hope that there’s no undesirable news. The thought of a concern raised by my dad days ago through a call briefly appeared and vanished in my mind just as I was to return her call.

True enough, that particular concern was unhappily voiced out by her through the call which barely lasted 10 seconds as I hung up on her following her haughty and demanding attitude that greatlyinfuriated me. It’s not the first time and I won’t be surprised that it’s also not the last given her obstinate nature. Truth to be told, she is disturbed that her sister’s daughter is residing at my house for a few days. Due to this, she made a ruckus at home and a mountain out of a molehill, unreasonably demanding her niece to pay for the rental fee and the utility fees she has incurred for her temporary occupancy. I withheld my anger and told her nicely that she is her niece and it’s not nice to expect a family member to pay for her stay. Her response completely didn’t seem to pacify or compromise this matter. I hung up then.

How can I not be bothered by such selfish rationality of hers? It’s not a novel experience; it has been ongoing for years as long as I was born. I only got to suffer under her ruthless and unempathetic parenting. Her unyielding attitude is also a cause of many disharmony and conflict in my family for a decade or so. I’m deeply saddened by such a circumstance. As this lingers on, I probably can’t keep mum about mum anymore.