July Week I

by hozhijie

 July W I

060715;0054; Week 1
Blogging this on my bed. Didn’t have the time to do so on the train just now so I just gonna keep this succinct. Hmm last week went slower as expected. Time seemed to slow down as July enters. Didn’t do much for SAF50 although I really hoped to take part in the parade. I felt a huge sense of pity that I do not have the opportunity to take part in White Star, SEAGAMES and NDP.
Weekend was wasted mainly on sleep. Slept till 4PM on Saturday? Met Amelia at night to bowl. Improved. Slept late. Almost withdrew myself from my concert but under the encouragement of my peer, I went ahead to join the final rehearsal in hope that I can participate on the actual day. Shall elaborate more on this next time. The practice in the afternoon went better than expected. I guess I am now 80% ready? Need to final polish up some pieces. Am not inviting many people this time and I guess it doesn’t matter lol.
I realised I have been worrying over the training that is gonna occur in these upcoming months. I keep thinking about the apex ladder I’m going to face for VOC this month and the thought of doing it really sends cold sweat down my spine. It’s a really great fear. This coming week is also a rather hectic one. Gonna do guard duty on Monday evening, training everyday and going to the range from Thursday to Saturday. I pray that God can give me the courage to embrace whatever coming my way and the faith to not worry about tomorrow for each day enough troubles of its own.