YOUTH CAMP MMXV (caution: full of photos)

by hozhijie

Shall let the photos do all the sharing!

But in sum, MMXV has indeed been spectacular in all aspects. God has exceeded meeting the expectations set in the previous post. He has spoken to me every service in one way or another and it’s definitely relevant in building up my faith in Him and keeping my walk with Him closer and straighter. I have come to understand more of His love and greatness and I can feel a fire in me to pursue after His Word and kingdom even more. Although I still falter at times, I thank Him for His everlasting grace and love. I feel really bad for missing Service again today but I hope I can truly improve.

Also, I wanna thank Imba for making these 5 (+1) days of camp so awesome. Although we didn’t manage to win the games, I guess our hearts are won collectively for and in the group. We may have attained a second place (from the bottom), but our team spirit is enhanced by the second. Lousy pun but it’s fun. I didn’t expect ourselves to actually meet up the next day immediately after camp to catch a movie and have dinner together, making it as if it’s day six of the event. Genuine bond it shall be. But it probably still won’t change the negative impression I have of the Minions although the film was indeed hilarious at times lol.

Gonna upload my daily journal soon for the week!