MMXV Daily Reflection

by hozhijie

Youth Camp 2015

150615 DAY 1
There was only one service today as the entire day was spent on travelling. It may be only one lone sermon but it’s powerful enough to kick off the week in such a supernatural tone. Pastor Mark Francis was invited to speak to us over these few days and tonight, he touched on Mark 2:1-12 regarding a paralysed man who encountered Jesus as he was lowered down from a roof by a team of four, whereupon he was healed to walk freely once again.

Amazed at how Pastor Mark could interpret so many great points in such short passage. He related the biblical gathering to a modern party where people may be there but may not be in the mood of the festive. The religious leaders while were in the presence of Jesus did not truly grasp His true identity and did not experience any supernatural moment. Preceding the scene where the man was healed, the team of four spent efforts to lift the paralysed man up the roof. This deed reveals how sometimes we need to exemplify and actualise our faith so that the people around us can encounter God. Later on when the team was on the roof, he postulated how they had to lean against the roof to identify where Jesus was specifically at so that the lowering of the paralysed man could reach Jesus. This tells us listening to God’s words while is sufficient, leaning towards it and coming closer to it brings greater encounter.

Several people came to my mind as the sermon was preached. The analogy of party was mentioned pretty often and it reminded me of the closer ones who have been indulging in clubs and vices, further urging me to use my faith to draw them nearer to the church and farther from the clubs. Persistence. It opens my eyes to see God from another divine perspective. I got a subtle glimpse of the heavenly vision.

That being said, it’s already overwhelming for the first night. I can’t wait to unravel more of His plans and purpose for me in the upcoming days. On a sidenote, IMBA has progressed well and we earned ourselves a credit today by performing our cheers in front of the crowd for the very first time, eliciting a comment that it’s the longest cheer ever lol. There are rooms for improvement and I believe we will enjoy more than endure.

160615; 0035

160615; DAY 2; 2357

Morning sermon was on Honour and its significance has been discussed and deciphered in many ways. We talked about its counterpart dishonour as well and it’s a revelation how dishonour can make me be lightly esteemed by God. With honour, potential is stretched and we no longer remain substandard. Honouring God can be achieved in many manners which are mainly to honour the people around us as well as blessing God with our time, resource and talent.

It speaks to me especially when the relation to potential was mentioned. Perhaps my potential to grow more spiritually is hindered by my dishonourable deed of not attending classes more frequently. Additionally, it’s a great session to give thanks to the leaders who have made an impact in my Christian walk. The remark that how many a times the leaders are the ones who always pray and not get prayers hit me.

Evening sermon was spent on the recollection of Naaman’s encounter with the extraordinary healing power of God. In many instances spiritual leprosy was discussed as in the condition where we depend more on feelings than our faith. Difference between an iniquity and a transgression was highlighted too and it’s a good fact. It ended with how it’s advisable to reveal our weaknesses or deep secrets to the light that casts off all darkness instead of covering them up with another day, only to harness more spiritual stagnation.

All in all, I shall admit that taking down notes and listening attentively to the message is a pretty powerful move to capture more of what God has for me. Many distractions were prevalent too and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate in seeking His presence. I pray I can be more singleminded.

Anyway, IMBA came in second overall in the games today from the bottom! Hahah but that doesn’t mean we did not have fun. I guess we are more bonded now and the newly improvised cheer is awesome. Let’s hope we can utilise our team spirit to conquer more games ahead.


170615; 2320; Love Note

There was only one service today and John 8:1 was referred to where Jesus was tested. It’s relevant as it reignited the desire in me to read His Word more regularly as if it is a daily necessity. Like food which nourishes us and water that hydrates us to enable living, the Word of God sustains us and it’s indeed a must-have so that we can lead a more complete life. There’s nothing to lose too.

The afternoon was wholly allocated for sports but I just dozed off entirely on my bed. Night games were mentally stimulating and while differences as in the various differing way people do things arose, we managed to pull through as a team. We did learn to take time to strategise instead of impulsively kickstarting the games mindlessly. I’m glad to have heard we may have risen some ranks tonight. Gonna strive all out tomorrow!


180615; DAY 4

Today was an emotional day. Sermon in the morning me reminds me to make spiritually sensible deals that the world of temptations may easily void. At night, the gifts of the Holy Spirit were studied upon and its significance was mentioned in a timely manner. It’s the longest service so far.

IMBA had our final game session this afternoon and we did our best together although we did not manage to conquer many stations. I could see some moments of demoralisation but that didn’t stop us from uniting to cheer each other on in one way or another. The group leaders have done their best to encourage the team with silly and funny gestures and it worked. It’s been a fun week spent with them indeed.