June W III

by hozhijie

June W3
210615; Flash, back
Currently on the train back to camp after 10 days of productive hiatus. Time does fly swiftly and I can’t have enough of this short yet exciting respite. Yet all good things come to past in this world. Having shared much about Youth Camp MMXV with the previous posts, I shall try to remember and talk about my weekends.
The highlights for the weekends prior to the camp are namely: On that fateful Saturday, I almost forgot to collect my passport from Singpost and I only had less than 2 hours left to do so since the realisation. Thank God I suddenly remembered it and collected it in time. Or else I would be barred from going to the camp. It’s amazing how everything worked out so smoothly despite the numerous setbacks that were trying to stop me from going.
After Edge service that night with all the pre-camp games which my side didn’t manage to win, I went to Somerset to look for some new attires for the camp. I was looking for singlets and beach pants. Got them at H&M but it’s rather disappointing as its variety was more limited than I thought. Met up with Alson thereafter and I had my dinner while he had his supper at the prominent dimsum place 126. While walking home after an hour plus of munching and productive chatting, I chanced upon the rows of crowded durian stalls, really tempted to have a bite of it. After much hesitation and delay, Alson finally gave in to me and we then had a $15 worth of Mao Shan Wang there. It’s been ages since I had my favourite fruit of all. It nostalgically reminds me of my late grandma who had a penchant for the spiky tropical fruit. I wonder if I would still have tasted the yellowish juicy flesh if the girls were there lol.
Sunday was a disappointing yet again… Missed morning service and missed band practice. Attended evening service though and I really hoped I could pay more attention instead of being so distracted. I also hoped I could better interpret or decipher his accent and sermon lol. After service, I headed to Bugis and had Genki Sushi for dinner before visiting some stores to see if I could find anymore camp attires.
For my last stop, I went to Cotton On and picked some singlets there, in hope to get it tried out in the dressing room. There, I was forbidden by this attendant who insistently asserted that I may not be granted access to the room despite my constant pleading as it “may be unfair to other customers”. I didn’t see any customers besides me around there in the apartment. I then gave my final plea and she reluctantly gave in with the exception of showing her disdain and attitude by sighing accompanied by “large body movement” as she “snatched” one of the three singlets from me since I told her I only needed to try out 2. As I was struck puzzled and walked a few steps towards the dressing room, I turned back and returned everything to her, telling her that “it’s okay. your attitude sucks”. She retorted softly with whatever and as I walked away, ricochetting “is that how you treat your customer?” before leaving the store. I was definitely disappointed at the service of the brand I often frequented and supported. Having patronised it for more than 3 years, it’s the first time I encountered such a horrendous service.
In hindsight, I could have just returned the products to her without giving any additional comments notwithstanding my overwhelming dismay and disagreement. That would end the zero sum game. And I could be more accountable to myself.
I returned home 20 minutes after that, still affected by the incident that was uncalled for. I proceeded to pack my stuff for the camp. Lol packing things at the eleventh hour is probably one of my bad habits. Slept around 2AM and got up at 8AM to wash up and get ready to assemble with the church…


For the final weekends of the break, Saturday was the most happening. Before that, after “touching down” in the evening on Friday, I took a cab to NEX to meet Alika & Melwin for dinner. Fancy how they are always the ones whom I first had my meal with after returning to Singapore from overseas this year. We had MOF and someone kept boasting about his clubbing experiences once again to the extent I don’t even have the capacity to entertain anymore lol. Reached home about 10PM and lazed on my bed throughout.
Slept till late noon on Saturday. Left house at 1PM for Bugis where I had my favourite barchormee of all time there followed by a cup of Rockery almond milk tea. Gallivanted around the malls and headed to Sim Lim square to see if I could get myself an affordable and good CPU to replace the current terrible one which can’t even support Google Chrome well. The one hour exploration there was futile but at least I had a rough guess of the prices of some models.
Headed to The Cathay after that and helped Imba to get the tickets for The Minions in advance. Everything managed to reach before the showing time at 530PM. Got some snacks and drinks for the 90 minutes film. Personally, I do not like the minions since its first movie (apart from Despicable Me) and I didn’t watch the movies as I find it vaguely cute and plainly annoying, especially when my JC classmate kept making the alarm raucously every time in class. The movie however was not as bad as I thought. Had genuine laughter at some instances. My impression is getting better.
Had dinner at Han’s Cafe nearby and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry that we made a ruckus with our laughter there which chased some studious customers away. Left the place at 10PM and it’s a great self-proclaimed day six of camp once again.
Slept late. Missed morning service and band practice again. Woke up at late noon. Spent the entire day lazing around in bed and tidied some stuff. Wished my dad happy Father’s Day and gave him an angpow that my sister and I prepared. Gratitude. Left house around 850PM for bugis where I had my favourite bachormee again and bought Rockery almond milk tea once more before taking the train to the camp.
I really don’t know what to expect from this coming week. The upcoming months seem ominous in some aspects too. Gonna stand firm in faith and embrace everything in honouring Him.