Pre-youth Camp 2015

by hozhijie

Currently on the way to assemble with the church before departing Singapore for our annual youth camp. This is gonna be the third time I am attending it and I believe it’s gonna be more extraordinary than before. Pardon me if I have not mentioned here before – I wouldn’t have been able to make it if not for the mandatory block leave my unit has imposed on me, which supernaturally and not fortuitously aligns with the dates of the camp.

There are so many technical setbacks preceding the event, making signing up a tough challenge. However, it seems like God has smoothly removed all hindrances and granted me an easy path to complete my registration even at the eleventh hour. For example, at first I couldn’t find my passport at home and in camp but it was found days upon constant prayers. Also, it’s amazing how my passport renewal is approved although the submitted photo was out of the requirement due to the huge patch of shadow taken by my sister using my iPhone lol. And how I almost forgot to collect my passport last Saturday but still managed to retrieve it an hour before the collection time ended.
To be frank, I did not really have lots of fun for the past two camps. The best and most palpable encounter was how God bestowed me with the gift of speaking in tongues on the first day of my first youth camp and thereafter, it has been relatively monotonous. Perhaps I should set more expectations and keep God at the top of my priority list; it’s not just about fun, games and memories. That being said, let me use this final 10 minutes of my bus trip to list down some expectations for this fateful trip:

1. To encounter God in a renewed and extraordinary manner, knowing His visions and plans for me.

2. To strengthen my faith in Him such that I will not waver as much in face of prevailing storms.

3. To expand networks across the youth ministry and get to know more people.

4. To utilise this spiritual, mental and physical respite fully so that it will be a worthy and memorable trip.