Weak 1 of June

by hozhijie

Week II of June; 070615
 Wednesday Nights Out at Causeway Point with Bryan. Impromptu plan to explore the area. Bought two pairs of slippers from Factorie too. Then visited Popular to get some items. I wonder why the barriers beeped at my non-Popular bag which has no electronic tags on it. Paranoid. Cycled to Ivan’s house in 10 minutes to attend cell group with my new NET. Ambience was good. Lessons ended way earlier than what I expected. I probably got too used to the old net’s style hahah. We then caught the live broadcast of the opening of SEA games. Before we departed, there’s a firework display as though it’s to commemorate our inauguration too. Hahah
The night was still young and I don’t feel like going home so early. In fact, I’m famished. Knowing that some friends are helping out in the international event and it’s pretty close to my house, I asked some if they wanted supper. Fruitless due to various reasons. I actually cycled to the Sports Hub to visit Fiona. But when I arrived there, she could not be contacted unlike before. Little did I know she already was on the way home. Thanks ah.
It’s not really in vain actually. Coincidentally met Shaowei there when he was about to book out lol. Asked for my water. Haven met him since our graduation ceremony?
I then cycled around the premise in search for a conducive spot to rest. Randomly chanced upon this serene row of bench. Sat there for a good 45 minutes ruminating about things. Picturesque skyline of the CBD. The deafening silence resembles peace, lacking any disruption. Definitely a good place to visit again.

Left the place at 0000 and went to navigate my way out. The attempt to travel to the Stadium was initially a tedious one with countless security barriers in the traffic. Got blasted by a traffic police alongside with other cyclists for “intruding” a place by riding instead of pushing. I then cycled along the river thinking that the park connector can lead me back to Kallang. To my aghast, it led me to the Gardens by the Bay with a dead end due to the Games. I diverted my route and tried my luck along the Stadium again and eventually found a familiar route back on the highly treacherous road.

I felt quite feverish that night for whatsoever reasons. So I banned myself from having prata for supper. Coffee shops were closed for business then. The thought of visiting the nearby 7-11 was thought to be a saving grace. A cup of mashed potato coupled with the chips and slurpee sounded great. Upon my arrival there, unfortunately, the machine just stopped working. Just when I wanted to get a cup noodle as the last resort, I noticed a bundle deal which looked worthy. So I got myself a burger heated in 5 seconds in the oven there and a can of coke for only $3. Tasted legit. Only reached home around 0130. Exhausted and feeling sick.
Woke up at 1300 on Saturday – later than planned, causing me to give up my intention to collect my passport at Singpost due to time constraint. Travelled to Tampines and had Mos Burger for lunch. Really love the rice burgers. Managed to reach the church building under the downpour in time at 1500. The team was late and only able to reach almost an hour later due to something ending late I guess? Spent the rest of the night including service learning more about how the Sound ministry operates. Many things are technical and there seems to be a lot to internalise. Stupid Qianhui suddenly appeared sometimes to snap shots of me serving in the ministry. Just because it’s been a long time since I served in a ministry?!

I don’t know why I felt so sleepy that night. Pre-youth camp games were less exciting and hyped up than the years preceding this. My group managed to reach our objective and get ourselves the desired group name of Imba lol.

Left the place around 1930 to Expo. Had subway there for dinner while waiting for Xinhui & Angelina. Accompanied XH to get her new laptop then. Offered some advice and got pissed off in one instance lol. Funny how they tried to pacify me afterwards. XH asked if she should get (software) protection but actually she needs to have redemption due to being increasingly vulgar. Waited for Sherilyn to end work there and headed to Changi Point Mall for supper. I don’t know why was I so easily hungry la. S brought us to this cool bar with great ambience but when we were about to place our orders, we were told that there’s no more food but only drinks and we had no choice but to leave the place. We then settled for supper at a place whose name i forgot. Walked to the outskirts Expo to get a cab and miraculously after so many attempts, one stopped for us.


Got myself a plate of hokkien prawn mee. Looked and tasted more like mee rebus la. It’s a fulfilling meal nonetheless. Left the place about 2315 and managed to catch my train even before the last train. Reached home by midnight. Thanks for the on-the-way drop off.

I tried to sleep early but I just couldn’t fall asleep for unknown reasons. I didn’t feel very sleepy. Tried to watch some videos online to be more tired but it’s only until 5AM then I fell asleep. It’s so bad man.

Missed service once again and woke up at noon. Lord, please grant me the self-control and discipline to Matthew 6:33.

Left home at 1300 and had my lunch downstairs. I ordered this simple but tasty wantonmee that I always have since secondary school days. This new stall helper was rather outgoing and cheerful in serving. While he collected my payment, he also helped out in making the noodle. I saw him using a prong to grab some vegetables from a bowl and realised the vegetables were always ready made. I then made my way to the table and say grace. Just when I was able to eat, this creepy elongated white creature just sat indifferently in the one of the stems. I was disgusted at such a sight. I immediately returned the plate and demanded for a refund instead of accepting the proposed exchange.

Thanks to my habit of always consuming the vegetables first in every noodle meal that I was able to spot the uninvited guest. It’s the first time I ever encountered such an incident with a worm. I wondered how would I react if only noticed it after some mouthfuls.
 Had western bbq wings with rice eventually before heading for band practice. An hour late. Somewhat productive. Time flew. Took section photo for the programme booklet. Thank God nobody is really wearing very formal. An instance made me question about true friendship. It’s less than 2 months away. I guess I’m 60% ready. Gonna try my best and enjoy the process.
Surprised that Mr Samuel was here for practice today too. Caught up with him for awhile before leaving the place. It’s about 1800 and I was stuck in a dilemma on a place to have my dinner. Eventually I settled for Genki Sushi once again. But this time, I decided to explore the other branch at Orchard Central. Reached there and somewhat regretted the decision as the queue was long. Waited for a good 20 minutes there and it’s my turn finally. Impromptu decision to try Honey Creme for the first time. The last time I passed by the shop, there was a relatively long queue. However tonight, I’m the only queue. Got this Alisan Milk Tea flavour and it’s pretty good but i probably will have it only occasionally. While having it, I visited H&M there and decided to visit it again to get some singlets I really like. May the promotion last till next week..

Fiona reminded me of how often I frequented the Japanese franchise. It’s almost before every book in recently and each trip costs not less than $18. I need to maintain. And to Fiona, yes it’s nice – at least 10 times nicer than some of the the low budget Japanese restaurants I patronised lol.

Only reached home about 2000? Packed my stuff, organised my mails, settled my phone bills, helped aunt to promote her item on carousell, did QT and finally downloaded some clips including Princess Mononoke which wasted half an hour of my time. It’s the first time I left my home so late at 2200. I’m currently 5 minutes away from my bunk.

This coming week aka Week II of June makes me feel reluctant to embrace it idk why. I always have a premonition before every book in. Just now a random pet dog kept staring at me without barking and it couldn’t take its eyes off me although the owner tried to distract him. I can be really superstitious sometimes due to my family background lol. I can only trust in Him. Everything revolves You and nothing in this world matters.