A May-zing

by hozhijie

 BP: June WI

010615; 2143; last Week of May

On the way to camp now after three short days of break, officially ending the month of May. I don’t know why I feel so lazy to blog recently. Friday’s book out was rather early at 3PM? Did some stuff before taking the train back. Decided to have my dinner at bugis so I satisfied my appetite at Genki Sushi. This time round, the supervisor actually initiated a short convo with me who is probably recognised as a regular customer already lol.

Went home and then cycled to NET. The group was pretty small that night but the sharing by Yihui was great. A vision needs challenge indeed. Pumped air at a nearby kiosk station after that and then rode home on an unfamiliar route spontaneously. It’s quite straightforward as the park connector was used. Played Audi with Grace till 1AM? Thrashed hahahah.

Woke up at late noon on Saturday. Left home about 2PM to have lunch downstairs before heading to Singpost to make a delivery for my customer lol. Waited 15 minutes in the queue then found myself caught in a quandary on whether to include my home address in the delivery slip. It’s my first time doing something like this and it was so confusing. In the end I proceeded with it and told myself not to make a parcel in the future to unknown people as far as possible. I gave it in this time as he already made full payment for the goods a week in advance. Talk about reliability…

Ventured to Tampines after that and met Melwin and some of my classmates for awhile before heading to service. Didn’t manage to bring anyone along with me that night. It’s up to priorities and I don’t believe in forcing. May persistence overcome blatant rejections. Still, it’s a great night. Left the place at 730PM and navigated my way to Regan’s house where the rest have already reached. Great to see everyone there again although not all were there. I played pool, the classic dance battle, indulged in the home made milk tea and then played some group games before leaving the place. As much as I love the session and company, some things really struck me hard with some revelations. At least I am better aware of others’ perceptions of me after the games. Like how I am most likely going to get jailed first as I am inclined to offend others. It carries some truth.

Slept late that night. Missed service once again. Bad move. Needs conviction and reflection. Woke up at noon and had lunch then headed to band practice. The section was smaller than usual. Improved on some parts and need more practice on most. It’s left with two months. It’s hard to picture myself playing on that stage without getting fully prepared. Who should I invite too? Over the years, it’s the first time I’m playing in a concert where I’m just an ordinary player. I shall try my best anyway.

Rushed off to Botanical Garden to meet Yihui and Jireh there as they invited me to watch the SSO public performance there. I didn’t expect the turnout to be that big. Even the PM and his wife were there too. First time seeing him live. The quality of the speaker probably didn’t do the performers justice. Nonetheless, it’s a short but entertaining session although I feel that the crowd could be more moved by the rendition of prominent home grown patriotic songs like Home and Count on me Singapore.

It’s about 7PM when everything ended. Jireh drove us to Bishan for dinner where Nicholas and Samuel joined us at Nandos. The dining experience was awesome not because I’m the youngest there. Really reverted my thumbs down to the restaurant prior to then. J then drove Y and I to his house to deliver dinner to his mom. Thought Joycelyn was there but she only suddenly came home when we were about to leave.

It’s about 1130PM when I reached home. I was planning to watch a movie online before sleeping but eventually gave in to my sleepiness at 2AM. When I woke up, I was aghast that I slept till 2PM? I didn’t expect myself to sleep till that late. Had lunch downstairs. Caught Iron Man 3 thereafter on my bed till evening. Downloaded some uni notes I need to conquer for my Advanced Placement Credit modules in time to come and may the delay be shortened. Did QT and then left home about 815PM for Genki Sushi once again. The Japanese franchise probably became my standard dinner before every book in already. Tried Blackball dessert since I still had time and then left to book in about 2130.

I’m definitely fooling myself if I say I am not pampering myself at all. I love treating myself to good food regardless of any occasions. It can be just an ordinary day with nothing celebratory and I still find myself indulging in a meal totalled up to $30. Maybe it’s just a therapy to alleviate all the mental and emotional stress I have accumulated? Idk but it’s obviously not a good habit to have. Finance and health are compromised. Yet while I continued typing this, I just had myself a serving of ice cream bought from the ice cream man outside the station.

Also, as the second half of the year is approaching, I have resolved to set myself some mid-year resolutions that aim to help me recalibrate my lifestyle into a better one. Gonna save this for another post.