Plans taking up shape?

by hozhijie

This weekend was so much more happening I feel although I didn’t go out on Sunday at all.  

Friday’s book out was the earliest ever for my unit ever in the early afternoon. Had lunch at MADO with Trevor before heading to the Chevrons to compete in bowling. We played three rounds and then extended two more rounds since the rates was cheaper than most places as I’m a member. As usual, bowling was exciting and fun. And unsurprisingly, I was thrashed to the fullest. His overall score was almost twice of mine. The last match was terrible as his advice got me getting over-conscious of my techniques and I couldn’t even bowl the incorrect way afterwards. I realised how bad I was in sports…
Left the place around 1630 and he accompanied me to explore the shophouses near Jcube in search for some things. Eventually he headed home when I went to Westgate. I got myself Royce Chocolate and as little as the portion is, I still had more than half of it left in my fridge over the weekend! It’s definitely worth the buy and I actually think of getting one box of a different flavour every time the other one ran out.


Reached home about 1800. Rested for awhile before taking a bus to Qianhui’s house for our final cell group aka NET session with her. The traditional steamboat started about 2030. I was so famished then that I thought I could have finished everything. But awhile, I started to feel full and slowed down my eating.
Over dinner, we conducted our signature ‘how’s your week’ segment where we individually went one round to talk about the highlights of our week. This practice started when I first joined VFC in secondary two and surprisingly, it has become a norm in the NET. It’s certainly one thing that I’ll miss when we begin to split into our new separate groups in two weeks’ time. We also took the opportunity to thank the NET and siao group leader Qianhui. Lesson was done after that and we ended by 2230. Took some photos and departed.


In a blink of an eye, it has been 2 years plus since this net inaugurated. We joked that we are only friends on Friday but in actuality, I stayed in touch every single day via digital means as we constantly shared great encouragement in the forms of advice and verses with each other. Prayers are also consistently exchanged in the group. It’s our way to keep a lookout for each other. It’s no longer an once a week thing but something that impacts our lives daily. Thanks for being my solace and delight all these while!

Slept pretty late at night and woke up in late noon on Saturday. Lunch downstairs came with a decent surprise as I met Gareth at the coffee shop having lunch too. Apparently he came here with his dad to fetch his mom from work. Sat together and caught up over the meal.
Gave in to my sweet tooth once again and bought tehbeng before returning home. Did my laundry and then used my phone before washing up and leaving home for the NUS engagement session. Was supposed to meet Bryan at Clementi at 1630 but there was a change of plan as his dad was sending him to the faculty directly. Managed to reach the place before time and we took some refreshment before visiting some booths. The talk commenced for an hour after that and I’m pretty much distracted by a pair who chatted non stop beside me. Spent the subsequent hour finding out more about the programme I am accepted into.

Overall, it has been a really fruitful trip and I indeed have had most of my doubts clarified with much assurance. I honestly can’t wait for uni to start although I will take back my word in time to come lol. Still, at least I am rejuvenated with confidence and anticipation to embrace the lofty demands and challenge of this programme. Right now, the most urgent thing for me will be to decide which course should I really enrol into. Gonna do more research soon.   

Left the faculty around 2015 and Bryan wanted to explore a “very bright building” nearby. I accompanied him and it’s merely just a lighted up place known as the UCC where I visited months ago. Waited for a bus there and took the time to appreciate the coziness that the place. It’s one reason why I decided on this uni.
We then had dinner at Clementi Mall Sushi Express. I then came a conclusion that it’s certainly not a good choice to dine there if I want to be full. Bought myself almond milk tea before taking the train home.


 It’s already 2215 when I reached home. Played Audi for awhile and watched Winter Soldier thereafter. Sunday morning was yet another disappointment as I missed service once more due to oversleeping and the imminent sore throat which caused some discomfort. Rested till mid afternoon before having lunch downstairs. Went home and transferred Lucas the sum of money he paid for me today for youth camp registration. I pray hard that my passport will be successfully renewed in time.

Something poignant occurred at home then as I quarrelled with my parents over some monetary issues. It’s a topic I really hate to discuss about as it always without fail sours relationship. When will this vicious cycle end.
Thank God that it’s settled amicably after awhile when everyone cooled down. Organised my room and then explored Carousell for awhile. Suddenly, I found myself snapping shots of some items I wanted to sell online. I managed to seek help of my sister to capture shots of the tee shirts I wanted to clear. Doing so actually makes me feel excited although I don’t expect much prospects from such ambitious business lol. I’m only doing it out of fun and it’s nice to join the bandwagon in my platoon as some of them actually invest much in such a market.
Did QT and then left home for Bugis at 2030. I satisfied my craving for Genki Sushi then and this time, I guess I made an improvement by spending the least yet getting full. Perhaps I have been overindulging in the past.
This coming week seems monotonous but I still pray for wisdom, strength and joy to pull through it. Next Saturday is Epic Night already and may I draw courage and conviction to invite my army friends there for a cool, fun night!
Piety, conviction, bond