Saved from a Close Shave 

by hozhijie

190515; 2320

Almost got into trouble with SM this morning when I received a text from him regarding the proper handing and taking over of duty procedure. I was fretting over it but I later told myself to pray and leave it all to God no matter what the outcome is, ie getting a few extras. Thank God he just let it go after I apologised and said it won’t happen again. Didn’t really sleep well due to that.
Went for lunch early and decided to have it in the cookhouse finally after so long as it has my favourite sotong! But I’m not sure why I felt so itchy after eating it halfway. Went to buy tehbeng after that. I have been treating myself with one bottle of milk tea every day recently and it’s getting out of hand especially when I did not exercise to burn the accumulated fats away. Thereafter when I walked down the stairs, I saw Raymond and I accompanied him for lunch. Met up with Justin and his friend who got posted here to train after that. His friend is from sr too and we could surprisingly recognise each other lol. Dexter joined us too. We then visited the emart and I bought another two sets of the new PT pants which is super comfortable.
The afternoon passed quickly. Downloaded the GBA emulator once again and am quite reluctant to replay my megaman after making it so far into the game months ago and its data was obliterated. Watched one episode of SOH too. Enjoyed as usual. Then I talc a map for my new PC under request. Went for dinner after that and it’s super good with hor fun with my innumerable prawns.
Spent the evening doing nonsense with the rest and practised my clarinet for awhile before going for a run with Bryan. Did my intervals and it’s a good start I shall say. The static exercises need some more practices too. It’s about 2200 when I returned to bunk. Helped Jon with his guitar practice by testing his listening skills with the notes I played on clarinet. Can’t believe he came up with a deal that if I helped him he will help me to improve on my guitar skills lol. I shall see if it really works as my skills is really stagnated.
Guess what. Tomorrow I’ll be taking over duty until the actual personnel comes back. Surely there can be a way out to plan this more reasonably but some are just hard to be persuaded. I pray that all will be fine.
Practice makes perfect