The n-th Duty

by hozhijie

180515; 2028; The n-th Duty

Spent the entire day doing my COS duty today. Should have slept earlier the night before as the lack of proper sleep caused me to feel pretty cranky the entire day that I had to wash my face once in a while. It’s also pestering how my bladder kept prompting me to visit the washroom. The morning was a happening and productive one with me settling some administrative hiccups. Caught up with the season one of Spouse for House from late morning to late afternoon while taking some time to see through the concert pieces too. Had my lunch and dinner bought from outside and guess what? I blatantly spent over ten bucks for my meals alone today. I shall treat the cookies that I never intended it to be bought with my subway $5 meal as a bonus as I seldom had it.
In the evening, Amrit dropped by and the mentioning of my clarinet got him bringing down my instrumental kits. I didn’t intend to practice tonight as I’m on duty but the sight of it was tempting. I then spent the night practicing the pieces and also sightreading some to little fruition. I really hope the environment here can be conducive enough for me to carry out my stealth self-sectional without causing much annoyance.
I thank God that so far I am free from any trouble although I interacted with my sergeant major many times today for important issues even at night an hour ago. An authority to be reckoned with. I pray hard that the duty for the upcoming month can fall on a good date. I have a gut feeling it’s awry though.
And anyway I just learned a new word FOMENT by autocorrection. Gotta catch a better rest tonight in this cosy room on this real bed that has finally replaced the former unstable safari beds.
Tongue controls circumstances