Thrilling, drilling

by hozhijie

Second last net session with these peeps whom I met up most Fridays for the past 2 years or so? Woah typing this makes me realise how fast time has flown. It’s as if we just met each other yesterday. I’m certainly grateful for them as they are the ones who are my first source of prayers. gonna miss them all

Met up these peeps on Saturday noon for a series of spontaneous activities. I arrived later than the rest as I was not gonna donate my blood lol. Upon arrival, I still waited about another 20 minutes for them. Meanwhile, I had myself a packet of milo and a bottle of water which are freely available there. Love the service lol. Donating blood seems to be rather altruistic and I wouldn’t mind doing it next time


Thereafter we headed to the Cathay to have our lunch. After some gallivanting there, we settled for a cafe specialised in brunch (I forgot the name) with a sleepy lighting ambience.


We then caught Pitch Perfect 2 there. The movie was really comical and I had a great laugh out of it. It’s a pity that the ending was somewhat rushed. Still, it’s still a great show. Thumbs up. The movie ended around 1600? We then found ourselves trying to imitate the actresses in their advertisement poster at the ground floor of SOTA. Open and embarrassing as it could be, the 10 minutes of camwhore was nonetheless worth the attention hahah.


We ended the day by having desserts at a Chinese desserts place at Plaza Sing. The idea of going to teoheng nearby was dropped as there was no available slot until only 11PM. It’s been a great day celebrating Fiona’s birthday one day in advance.


highlight of the outing

Hmm but things didn’t end in a good note as there’s a stupid conflict after so long. Thank God it’s settled eventually albeit online. It’s things like this that ruins the mood no matter how awesome the day preceding it went.

I reached home near evening, feeling a little downcast over what happened and guilty for missing service. Time can still be better managed ya? The rest of the night was spent at home taking a short nap which made me groggy afterwards, having a takeaway dinner delivered by dad, and played few hours of Audi. Turned in earlier than what I did last Sunday…


Yet I carelessly overslept and woke up at noon, missing service. When will I learn to drop this bad habit and get myself up to attend church. I washed up and had lunch downstairs before heading for band practice. The four hours of playing zoomed by quickly. I realised I have many revisions to do and buck up. The pieces are not easy at all. I am currently bringing my clarinet and scores in camp to hopefully improve gradually by the July concert. The practice ended at 1730. I bought KOI and had my favourite #TPYBanmian for dinner. Behold Lucius the biased gastronomic wanderlust for his review on the extraordinary dish. I’ll probably write about how I usually consume the noodle next time lolol. For fun.

reached home about 1900 after catching up some cats downstairs. Managed to download the season one of Spouse For House to entertain myself when I’m bored in camp. Finally got to apply for the renewal of my passport but I crossed fingers that my photo can be accepted as I only realised there is a patch of shadow after submission. Come to think of it, I have always signed up for Youth Camp at the last minute lol. Did some QT before leaving home. Thank God I managed to reach the boarding station before the downpour started.

In short, this weekend is like a rollercoaster ride. It has its fair share of ups and downs although the thrill is more than the drills this time lol. Some matters may seem trivial but further reflection into the incidents can be disappointing at times. Like how someone suddenly snapchatted me of her grandma’s noble achievement when only a month has passed since the tragedy. Like how I lost my new debit card suddenly but thank God no one tampered with my account and I have suspended it while requesting for a new one. Like how person X virtually backstabbed me but fortunately it’s settled with mutual understanding. These things are small on their own but some forms of insensitive affections are inflicted. Lessons are drawn in each incident too. Some food for thoughts are generated too. It hit me if a friendship can be sustained and strengthened if there isn’t any resolved conflicts. Penning down this helps me understand that there’s purpose for everything.
This coming week in camp can be considered a mentally gruelling one as I am kick starting it with a day of duty. I pray hard that it’s manageable and I can fulfil my duty diligently.
Purpose. Friendship. Discipline.