MA in the AM

by hozhijie

140515; 2132

Spent the entire day out of camp today. Woke up about 0800 and travelled all the way to NUH to attend my medical appointment for my skin condition. I reached early before the arranged time at 1000 but was made to wait another half an hour before my turn as they called me earlier than expected while I was having my steamed prawn dimsum for breakfast.

The specialist then analysed my skin and couldn’t come to a proper conclusion. So she asked me to wait for her senior to do another screening. After waiting for another half an hour, I consulted her again and this time she recovered a sample of my fallen dry skin for a lab report. It’s only after half an hour later that the diagnosis was out and my fun guy skin was indeed infected with excessive fungi.
Apparently I was diagnosed with dry and sensitive skin that may ascribe to the constant itchiness. The ringworm is another issue. I was given some cream and pills once again as well as a recommended purchase of a special shampoo lotion. I was also unexpectedly given a day of MC. I shouldn’t have called my Encik before the final turn to consult the specialist as it made me sound so desperate to go back later than the given time at 1430. I told him I may need more time as I was not done yet and lunch was not consumed too. He told me that I should only have informed him if it’s nearing that time and not as early as noon. When I texted him I got MC, it only worsened the impression la.
After visiting the pharmacy to get my medication and purchase that special shampoo, I had lunch at Bugis before returning home to rest. Time passed rather fast at home. Didn’t really do any productive work before leaving home by 2115. Thought I could have managed my time more wisely.
Oh ya the highlight of the day is the moment I received a call at midnight from my mum. Guess what? My passport was finally found at home! It’s not gone as I thought. God indeed does miracles where the impossible becomes the possible. I have experienced His greatness and goodness twice this week so far. I can’t wait to taste more of His grace. Once I confirmed if I really need to renew my passport, I will sign up for Youth Camp and prayerfully it’s not too late.
Can’t wait for the weekends to come.
Wonders. Wander. Wanted


Kent Ridge MRT – probably a place I would frequently pass by in the next few years to come.

Chanced upon these shoes during lunch. It’s mainly catered for skaters but it’s super durable and appealing. I have bought three pairs for myself before and I expect myself to continue getting some of the really good looking ones. Just look at the burgundy one at the left of the second row