by hozhijie

130515; 2323; 

Today went past rather quickly. Had breakfast shortly after waking up and accompanied some in the canteen for their meal. Takeaway my lunch. Returned to bunk around 1030 and started an impromptu chat for hours till late noon? In both occasions I didn’t really engage actively in the convos but it’s quite enjoyable. Nostalgic too when some things that happened in the cadet period were shared.
Something that disappointed me a lot was how my Encik refused to allow me to book out tonight as he claimed I can leave the camp early the next day. Of course that’s not gonna be easy on me since convenience is greatly compromised. Yet he did not want to jeopardise the system or the existing protocols too. Thanks for the genuine professionalism. Yup, so I only get to leave by 0800 tomorrow and be back in mid-afternoon hopefully without the need to rush. Sometimes I envy those who can get what they desire.
Spent the rest of the afternoon on my phone, playing one frustrating game of monopoly and then watched two episodes of Spouse For House which cracked me up every time. Nights Out in the evening was spent with Bryan and we explored a nearby kopitiam before visiting the central to get some drinks and desserts. Booked in rather early at 2100.
Recently one’s gestures or words, whether serious or not and subtle or not, are getting on my nerves. For example, I’m not sure what intention is harboured when one calls me by my full name casually. Don’t tell me it’s the way we interact with each other because I don’t even feel like acknowledging such crude mention. Just because I don’t retaliate or express my discomfort, an ill intent is still an ill intent. Once or twice makes it sound funny. Thrice and more make things appear condescending. Please do not trample over me as much as I hate to see people suffering. Sensibility.
Hmm that’s one reason why James 1 kinda speaks to me today: Rejoice when tribulations are embraced for it is an opportunity to strengthen my faith, which means being brought closer to God. It therefore expects one to endure and that translates to persisting in hope in all circumstances. The latter part of the chapter mentions about the virtue of listening quickly, speaking slowly and getting angry slowly. It’s something I feel I can improve on tremendously. Most importantly, it reminds me that all good things come from the Lord and He is the same good God forever. The power of devotion empowers revelation indeed.
Joy. Persistence. Patience