Strive, not Skive

by hozhijie

110515; 2243; Strive, not Skive
Today passed pretty quickly. Slept quite late last night and woke up early to attend to something which was eventually cancelled. I tried to continue sleeping after that but I sweated more than I slept. My bed is totally not conducive for a morning nap especially when the weather is hot and brazen. It’s located right beside the window the sun shines boldly and mercilessly every day, shedding beams of photons on the bottom half of my bed. It’s akin to sleeping in an oven. Actually today was particularly humid.
Lunch was good. Dinner was bad. The impromptu talk by CO in the evening brought some dismay to me, or perhaps to most of us I guess. I hope the change can eventually brings more pros than cons to us. Following the talk came another talk which was extensively elongated although it’s for a good cause.
I went for a run with Bryan thereafter. Chatted for awhile thereafter. I hope the IPPT tomorrow can be encouraging to me although I don’t expect myself to perform well. My fitness has been terrible. I am heeding the advice of some who motivate me to do my best tomorrow and use it as a gauge to perform better for the next IPPT coming in two weeks’ time. Dear Jesus, please grant me the ability to do my best tomorrow!
It’s gonna be a looooong day tomorrow with many events going on. Shall attempt to sleep early tonight.
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