by hozhijie

 BP: May WII

100515; 2123; weekend
On the way to camp now. This weekend has been really short maybe because I didn’t spend my time wisely and waste it away due to my poor sense of time management.
Friday’s book out was late as something drastic happened that held back everyone. Thank God it’s settled almost instantly and it’s probably something nobody wants it to reoccur. It was almost 2130 when I arrived at Qianhui’s house for our last few net sessions together as there will be a new system implemented in June where most of us are mostly moved out. I’m not sure how to respond to this new system. It probably encourages us to step out of our comfort zone to fulfil the main purpose of evangelising. It’s something I am not used to doing but I hope I can be enlightened to advocate it.
I then spent the rest of the night before 0000 waiting to Amelia to drop by in her cab. While waiting, I explored Dubsmash for the first time with the Lee family. In the end, we came out with a video that was a-meow-sing (amusing). Stalk @jontelly on Instagram to catch the epic and embarrassing act lol. It’s a funny night spent there. Amelia arrived slightly past 0000 and we headed to KLP to bowl. It’s a rather last minute move that was planned only after I booked out. We bought some snacks from 7-11 and then played three rounds there. Although I failed to reach the hundredth point that night, I guess I pretty much enjoyed myself. In the midst of playing, I thought how cool would it be if my future house actually has a bowling alley and I shall make it my dream goal. We left the place around 0130, walking back to Kallang. Kallang wave and Kallang Leisure Park are two rather misleading places because the inclusion of Kallang in their names doesn’t make it any nearer to the train station. On the way home, we spotted a small snake and I was quite amused by it. A little catch up too.
Didn’t sleep early that night. Woke up as late as mid afternoon on Saturday. Didn’t feel good about it. Had lunch with dad before he left for work. Thereafter I took the church bus to attend Edge @ Tampines. The sermon that night was about How To Be A Revolutionary. Honestly I felt guilty for not giving my full attention as I was distracted by my phone throughout. As much as I can recall, in order to achieve the noble role, one needs to:
1. Start doing things that are different
2. Something something status quo
At least I remember there’s four points. But the last minute altar call was somewhat relatable. After service, I met Ivan, the person in charge of the sound ministry, and he briefed me a bit on the ministry. It sounded exciting and I pray, I pray I am committed to it. The last ministry, ushering, didn’t work out for me due to some reasons.
I then had my dinner at Subway Tampines One after walking around the malls there in vain looking for a nice restaurant with short queue. I settled for subway since I haven’t had it for long and once again, it reminded me that subway is not meant to fill my stomach. Chancing upon Cold Storage there reminded me of getting my necessary ingredients to make my cold udon since Kallang NTUC/Giant doesn’t not provide it at all. It’s about 2130 when I arrived home. Little did I know that I spent the rest of the night playing games till late night. It’s an erroneous decision given that I have stuffs on the next day. When can I ever learn from this?
I woke up around noon on Sunday, feeling conflicted. I gave attending band practice a miss to settle some stuff at home. It’s a hard decision since the July concert is closing in and the pieces need tremendous amount of practice. After lunch downstairs, I decided to get a card for my mum but it’s not selled (I love this word). So I plan to buy some flowers for her but it’s not selled too. So I have no choice but to resort to the traditional way of giving angpow as a blessing. My sister and I contributed to it and tonight she’s giving her. Actually my family since the day I was born does not celebrate this occasion although in recent years I have made efforts to make it a more significant day for my mum.
Sad to say, for the rest of the afternoon, I spent hours looking high and low for my passport that suddenly vanished. I thought it’s still around when I came back from Taiwan in March. Nigel was approached to help me look for it in my duffel bag in camp but it’s futile. I cracked my mind to recall where did I put it but it’s in fruitless. Youth Camp is less than two months away and this has to happen unfortunately. I questioned God again, asking Him why did he allow this to happen when it seems like He wants me to go for it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the camp falls on the same week that my unit makes me go for compulsory block leave. Thanks Qianhui for giving me words of assurance and affirmation. It’s gonna be a great testimony.
The routine before booking in was somewhat ordinary and mundane. My mum cooked dinner for me tonight and I had it before leaving. I also purchased this photo editing app Afterlight after dreaming about it last night. To my disappointment, it’s not quite user friendly and my other free editing apps can do better. I also impulsively purchased the Monopoly app. The first impression seems fun although I haven started playing it. Soon. And please don’t disappoint me too.
Oh ya, the highlight of the day is the preparation of my beloved cold udon which failed terribly. My sister and I barely took a second bite after having it. The noodle was so unexpectedly sour and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. I then gave her a challenge to prepare something better than what I have done…which is an ultimate disgrace, not even passable for a newbie cook like me.
I also realised that my duty is on the subsequent week after this coming one, which may be good and bad on its own. Good because I can rest better (I hope, since my body clock screwed up badly). Bad because my status ends by then and I have to do duty in uniform, which is really tedious. This coming week may be physically challenging since my body is so rigid now. I guess it’s a long week too since this time, it’s a full long week unlike the past few weeks which are shortened by one or two off days.
Trust. Faith. Joy.