by hozhijie

060515; 2336;
Today was great. Got a referral letter after visiting the doctor this morning for my skin condition as he was unsure what exactly is plaguing me. Waited almost an hour and a half before our turns and saw many who came way later than us consulted before us. Life isn’t always first comes first serves right?
Rested. Lunch with Trevor was great. Spent the rest of the late afternoon catching up on Tiger Mum and I gonna catch up with the finale tomorrow since I’m unable to view it tonight. Procedures before nights out was faced with some personal awkward dilemmas. Met Raymond at the train station and headed to Lot 1 for dinner.
We had dinner at MOF and it was a great chat over dinner. Thanks for the birthday treat! We went for an ice cream dessert thereafter before departing the place. Met Edwin at YTP and bought some stuff before booking in. Enjoyed the night.
Still, I pondered over some stuff that occurred due to my actions today as I lie on my bed now. Have I been too involved in a way? I guess it’s really better for me to stay low and let nature take its course in a way. My actions and speeches are usually spontaneous but I think the mental filter ought to be thicker. The question of integrity also struck me hard tonight. No more causing of unnecessary comeuppances man. Black and white shall it be. Taking risks is certainly not my kind of thing. 
I guess I also need to up my game in the spiritual aspect, as in stepping up more in faith and seeking His kingdom more evidently. Also, I am quite worried about my physique as I haven been working out for the past few months actively. Tomorrow I am tasked to be the conducting officer for physical training and I am excusing myself as I need more personal time for training. Is a lame excuse I know but let tomorrow be the only exception if anything.
Interview with new PC today wasn’t meant for me but it went ahead anyway. When prompted what’s one value I hold the most in all that I do and believe, I respond with “Empathy”, claiming that it’s a rather underrated virtue. It just came naturally and I need not rack my mind to come up with the answer. I hope I can live truly to it. May tomorrow be an enriching one.


Love, Excellence, Integrity