Loving the Weather

by hozhijie

280415; 2359
Today was much better than any other days. Just amazed at how God used a bad situation to speak His good news to me – I realised suddenly that I ran out of cash after buying lunch for my friend and I. I thought of asking Raymond if he was able to come to do me a favour and just nice it’s his lunch time and he came to look for me. It turned out more than a mere meet up to help me; he told me how the spiritual climax of his unit is overwhelming and steps are taken to harness it. I can’t wait to see what amazing things God is gonna do.
I’m not sure why was I so sleepy throughout the entire afternoon despite waking up late. Something that really cheered me up is the rainy and stormy weather that lasted the entire night. It’s my kind of weather. Hmm, I was somewhat displeased with the arrangement of taking compulsory off this Thursday. I thought my outstanding off would be reasonably low and not “disdainful” to my OC’s eyes after consuming next Monday and Tuesday. So it seems like I am overeating.
Also, starting from tomorrow onwards, I gonna follow my original unit’s schedule. While it’s more intense, I guess it’s good step towards rebuilding my morale and health.
I have also been eating too much junks.. I told myself not to go nights out tonight and I stuck to my words. Yet, I actually asked someone to takeaway bubble tea and wings for me. Spent too much too.
I wonder how would the upcoming days leading to my birthday will be like. So far no solid plans are discussed and organised. I just can’t wait to ride my bike out to embrace the winds and speed.